Hell which appeared after the pronouncement of prof. Krystyna Pawłowicz, and also after a list of professors belonging to Academic Civil Clubs in Poznań, Kraków and Łódź, gives a foretaste of how important the matter is. Regardless to the fact that in the Polish reality it plays a role of a smoke curtain over a real, tragic situation of the country, the state of its economy, debts, etc.

Like in the case of a madman Kaligula

What would prof. Krystyna Pawłowicz say, in order to deserve anti-campaigns media and ad hoc appointed authorities? In the words maybe not carefully chosen – the pure truth. The truth is that both homosexuals and transsexuals are people biologically barren, because infertile. And nothing is going to change it. One has to have an incredible audacity to promote the person of Anna Grodzka or Krzysztof Bęgowski for the post of the vice-marshal of the Seym. Trans-sexuality – and still existing, until properly politically prepared world organizations will express their opinions – is a psychical anomaly, an abnormal condition. It can be assumed, not without any basis, that in the case of a man who has lived over 50 years, sired a son, the change of his sex is a proof for aberration. I do not know what motives forced Krzysztof Bęgowski to undergo the surgery – maybe because he wanted to hide himself ‘under a skirt’ far away from his ‘well-deserved’ communist past? I do not scrutinize this case, but from both the psychological point of view and from political perspective MrsGrodzka/MrBęgowski does not any basis to apply for such a high post. And surely in this issue the psychical anomaly is more important than a complete lack of essential basis for holding the post; unless our authorities are on the level of the ancient madman Kaligula. MrsGrodzka/MrBęgowski would deserve compassion if it was not for the fact that she allows so consciously to raise the interest in her person and shine in media.

Spectrum of neo-communism

But it is not a problem. For a long time, over the world there has been a terrible spectrum – a spectrum of neo-communism in a form which has not been known for ages. For many years America and Europe have been inviting sexual minorities or deviants of all kinds into a free place after the oppressed proletariat. When looking backward, the first phase of ‘liberation’ of the man from God was the French revolution. At that time murdering priests and laymen had a look, from under a bloody Phrygian cap, at the so-called the altar of the Supreme Being – whom, certainly, a freedman placed in the shadow of a guillotine. The Bolsheviks were not behaving in a lenient way any longer, knowing that ’religion is opium for people’. Churches were devastated completely, there were virulent attempts to ‘control souls’, implement social engineering, whose purpose was making a new man subordinated to the authority of new, ruthless gods, with mustachioed uncle Joe on the main altar. The new man was supposed to be completely deprived of his social and cultural identity, but the proper identity was to be printed into his soul in any available way for propaganda. German Nazis were modifying Stalin’s lesson, instead of the class enemy, placing race enemies, with the Jewish nation onto lists of extermination. But the Nazis had their ‘achievements’ not only in the area of industrial disaster, on the unknown scale before. They were also developing the so-called eugenics (born in the United States). Towards the conquered nations – ‘inferior’, like Poles – they introduced the law of unlimited killing of the unborn, ‘elimination’ of mentally ill people. (When one hears how carelessly pro-abortion Acts are passed in the Polish Seym, one feels creeping on the skin).

A new ‘bright route’

Today the whirl of history took humankind onto a new ‘bright route’. Again the man- -like once Lucifer – says to God: ‘Non servam’. In a way whose radicalism was not known to history, in reference to the very biological essence of life. It is not God any longer who is the life-giver, but it is the very man – in laboratories of in vitro and wilderness of euthanasia. But, first of all, in the program of the new ideology: ‘gender’, ‘queer studies’. The new ‘oppressed’ class – homosexuals, transsexuals, transvestites, etc. – becomes a new class of lords, no matter how small it is, dictating its rights in the world. This new rampant ideology is causing, for the time being, spiritual devastation, but in its far consequences it is a road to Armagedon, biological disaster of humankind. For, as it was said, those who want to replace nature laws, God’s laws, for example, in reference to sexes or the so-called sexual orientation, are sentencing the man to biological infertility. The man with sexuality changed by a surgery, will never be biologically either a man or a woman – unable to sire or give birth. Not saying about homosexuals. It is not difficult to imagine (unfortunately, it already exists partly), this new wonderful world. For example, two lesbians arrange a meeting with a couple of homosexuals about the purchase of sperm, and undergo in vitro, etc. or vice versa – two ‘dads’ choose mums – ‘pregnancy bearers’. Within the new terminology, suggested by those groups – ‘reproductive law’, who will the man be born in this ‘reproductive’ factory – will he still be a human being or a product? Who will the ‘parents-producers’ be – will they still be people or rather the sources (bearers) of raw material? Such a ‘wonderful world’ was not even in dreams of Huxley.

In the frenzy of mindless ‘modernization’, Poland made dangerous steps on this way. Beginning with the Act of violence against women, where new, definition of sexes, of ‘gender’ character is smuggled, and which is socially but not biologically determined. Next steps are being planned. This road, leading into the disaster does not suit to the country of John Paul II, a great defender of life. It is high time this mindless course of the wheel of neo-communism was stopped. In its most terrible form.


"Niedziela" 7/2013

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