Blessed John Paul II had already warned over 20 years ago against the dangers of the contemporary democracy. In the encyclical ‘Centesimus annus’ published in 1991he wrote: ‘Today it is usually stated that the philosophy and an attitude convenient for democratic forms of politics are agnosticism and skeptical relativism, whereas those who feel convinced that they know the truth, and are definitely following it, are not, from the democratic point of view, worth trusting, as they do not agree with the fact that the truth is decided by the majority or that the truth changes depending on changeable political balance. In relation to it, it should be noted that in the situation in which there is no final truth, being a guide for political activity, it is easy about instrumentalism of ideas and beliefs for purposes which the authority sets up. History teaches that democracy without values easily changes into open or camouflaged totalitarianism’ (CA 46).

What at the beginning of the 90s in the last century seemed not completely understandable towards the collapse of communism in the Middle-Eastern Europe and the triumph of freedom and democratic ideas, today becomes a prophetic description of reality. The pressure of leftist-liberal ideologies and moral relativism and situational ethics are revealing more and more openly its totalitarian face and Orwell’s face. It is proven by registering organizations defending the basic human right – the right for life on the pro-script lists of the European Parliament or aiming at ‘the camp of progress and democracy’, in order to impose the affirmation of homosexuality by force, which has been considered in medical environments as a deviation recently.

In Amsterdam, under the motto of ‘fights against intolerance’, local authorities decided to create ghetto. They introduced legislations allowing for compulsory deportation of people considered as unfriendly towards homosexual people from their own flats and placing them in special buildings on the suburb of the city. Not only single people but also whole families will be resettled in a situation when the lack of acceptance for homosexuality will be shown through children. Judicial verdict will not be necessary for deportation from one’s own house, only an administrative decision will make for it. Return to home will be possible not earlier than after half a year and provided that social clerks of the city will agree with the fact that a particular person or family was ‘reduced’ and ‘re-socialized’ in fact.

Today the state has such an arsenal of influential means which it has never had before, and it is known, that excessive concentration of possibilities in the hands of the state and clerks leads to tyranny. Especially, with today’s development of technology, enabling permanent surveillance of the society. This simple relationship always appears, no matter whether we are dealing with the state of post-communist pedigree or the so-called western democracy inspired by leftist concepts. These similarities result from a simple reason: countries infected by the ‘bite of Hegel’ are aiming in their program at exclusion of the heritage of Christianity from the life of the contemporary man.

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Jan Maria Jackowski
An essayist, journalist and writer, author of 10 books and more than 1100 texts releases. In the years 1997 - 2001 Member of Parliament of the Republic of Poland in the years 2002-2005, Vice-President and then President of the City Council Warsaw, in 2005-2007 judge of the Tribunal of State, from 2011 he is a Polish senator


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