In Polish hospitals, not including private surgeries, in the years 1956-85, as a result of abortion, 36 million children were killed. This period was a paradise of abortion.

Killing children was to a wish. Women, unaware of what they were doing, got rid of the ‘trouble’, thinking that they were removing a kind of undefined group of cells or a creature similar to a seed of a bean, with unformed inner organs. The revolution in women’s consciousness was done by the famous ‘Silent cry’ – a film directed by an American doctor Bernard Nathanson, who had contributed to legalization of abortion in the USA in his professional past.

Strangely enough, but women rich with this knowledge, which helps them realize that they kill an already formed human being, who is scared and escapes from surgical tools, still decide on this operation. It proves that it is better to live in the warmth of egoism and sweet unawareness which removes not nice facts from the psyche.

A new law of abortion allows for committing abortion in certain cases till the end of the third trimester of pregnancy. The fact what these cases look like is proved by a story which was upsetting the public opinion a few years ago. Abortion was done on a fourteen-year-old girl who had got pregnant with her classmate. The untruth about a rape was being proven. The girl’s mother and a group of supporters of abortion led by the present vice-marshal of the Seym Wanda Nowicka, were making pressure on the undecided girl. A few hospitals refused to do the abortion, only a hospital in Gdańsk was assigned by the Health Ministry committed the abortion. The girl’s mother made a claim to Strasburg for compensation for making it difficult for the procedure and she won. The abortion of the baby will also contribute to getting rich by this family!

Late abortions

In the light of law children are killed till they are 12 weeks old during pregnancy, but there are situations, and the frequent ones, when has lived in the mother’s womb till 28.-30. week. These terrifying stories, happening also in Polish hospitals are told by Maria Bienkiewicz, a life defender of the unborn for a long time and a worker of the Foundation of the Polish Federation of Pro-life Movements. – In a few hospitals in Warsaw late abortions are done. Unfortunately, there are gynecologists who are trying to find genetic diseases. A woman in a difficult life situation and having a few children, comes to this kind of a doctor and hears from a gynecologist: - The baby has health problems. Please, go up and have abortion done. The desperate, alone woman often agrees to the decision. The premature childbirth is caused. There is a principle that mother cannot see her baby being born. She gets drugs. A substance is put into her cervix in order to cause contractions. She is lying numb with a bucket or a bowl underneath. The childbirth may last long. A baby is being born. It is falling down into this bucket or bowl. It lives. It is whimpering for a long time, giving signs of life. Nobody of the staff is interested in it.

– In the 60s of the XX century – professor Roman Czekanowski mentions – prematurely born babies were put into buckets with water in order to get drowned or exposed to frost so that they would be frozen to death. In the statistics of hospitals it was written that they had been born dead. Today they die in waste containers, placed somewhere aside. Midwives are prohibited to give help to couples. Fear about losing work paralyses their actions. They live in constant psychic stress. They know well what happens in maternity wards and they cannot change anything. Some of them do not put up with this stress and leave their work. And then they start speaking – about gynaecological wards where there are five-litre jars into which babies born during abortion are put, about putting a baby into formalin who is still alive, about containers into which big new born babies are put with other wastes, who were born during abortion. Not only did they were killed but they are also deprived of their decent burial…

These practices are fully allowed by the state. When Maria Bienkiewicz informed procurators about these infanticides, the case was discontinued, stating that ‘there is no murder at all’, but ‘the official neglect’. To the appeal of the late professor Zbigniew Religia this case was supposed to be reconsidered. But it has not seen in the daily light so far. In the 90s of XX century in a hospital in Warsaw in Bródno, in the neurosurgical ward there were experiments done in treating Parkinson’s illness. There were attempts to treat this illness by using brain cells of the conceived babies. There was an appointment for 8 women during one day who were to undergo abortion. At that time in the neurosurgical ward, a patient with an open skull was waiting on a surgical table. A gynaecologist was inducing birth, cut off a baby’s head and took it to the neurosurgical ward. There transplantation of brain cells was done. Theoretically, these experiments have been forbidden at present, but it is not certain whether the barbaric practices are not still taking place.

All these facts do not come from a horror film, but they have a real dimension in the country of law, of which Poland is proud. Are they too cruel and may hurt the feelings of recipients? It is better to sweep them under a carpet and pretend that abortion is only an innocent surgery, getting rid of a trouble. This is an opinion of feminists, being proud of a number of their abortions.

Unofficial statistics show that 70 per cent of induced children are born healthy. And it is not an argument to prohibit abortion. For, who has a right to take away life from a handicapped child? Who can decide about life or death of a handicapped human being? Only God is a giver of life and death. However, doctors like an executive plutonium have been giving verdicts to this defenceless existence till now.

Children who survived

In Poland no child born through an induced labour has a chance to survive. But the fact how strong the desire to live is, is proven by registered cases of live births during abortions in the USA. 44 thousand such people live there and they are a touchable testimony of these crimes. In 1977 in the 6th month, after 5 days of abortion completely health Melissa Ohden was born. Similarly as Josiah Presley, a south-Korean boy, who was born with a distorted left arm and was later adopted by an American family, or Gianna Jessen – the most famous victim of abortion, at present a fervent propagator of the fight for stopping abortion practices. ‘When they saw me, they experienced the horror of a murder. I was blind and burnt, I should have been dead, but I was born alive. In my birth certificate it is written: ‘born during abortion’, and underneath there is a doctor’s signature who was doing this abortion’ – says Gianna in a film recorded on a DVD. Her mother, at the age of 17, decided to have abortion in the mid of the 7th month. She had an injection with saline and substance causing vagina contractions. This deadly mixture destroys lungs and skin of a baby, and vagina expels the dead body after a few hours. In this case the child miraculously survived. She was adopted. After a few months cerebral palsy was detected in her, as a result of the brain hypoxia during the surgery. Doctors stated that Gianna would not be able to raise her head. Today she is travelling all over the world, proclaiming the Gospel of life. – When I hear that abortion should be allowed in a situation when a child may be handicapped, in my heart there is a horror. What arrogance it is of strong people who want to decide who can live and who cannot?! After all, what keeps them alive is God’s mercifulness, even if they hate Him – says Gianna in the American Congress and in the British Parliament. And these countries are a real paradise of abortion. In the USA, with the support of president Barack Obama, children are aborted in late months of pregnancy, like in Great Britain, Germany. And there are cases when a baby without any chance for life, from the medical point of view, is born healthy. It was so in Great Britain during the birth of little Amily. Doctors in this country have a duty to rescue a baby who is born after the 24th weeks of pregnancy. And in the case of Amily’s mother the pregnancy was endangered. In hospital the woman was fighting with her organism about every day, she wanted to endure till this magical 24th week. Unfortunately, the birth labour started in the 19th week. Desperate, using a big weight of her baby, she deceived a doctor who said: - The fetus is 23 weeks and 6 days old, so I will rescue it. The little girl was born with transparent skin and fused eyes. She started crying. Today she is a healthy and normally growing child.

A man, with arrogance of knowledge wants to be the lord of life and death. And the interference in God’s action brings unexpected results. Facing so many obvious proofs, it is astonishing to see the relentless attitude of the supporters of killing the unborn.

It is worth quoting the memories of a midwife Stanisława Leszczyńska, delivering childbirths in a death camp in Oświęcim. In these macabre anti-septic condition she did not have a complicated birth with cutting off perineum or later postpartum infections. What is another way of interpreting these facts if not an intervention of God? Man has no right to disturb God’s economy.

In rich Scandinavian countries, in specialist hospitals, equipped in the modern equipment for saving the life of the prematurely born, late abortions are done. And their opponents are fighting against the authorities of the country about every week of pregnancy protected by law. In a Norwegian hospital Rikshospitalet in Oslo, there were often births of babies undergoing the so-called late abortion; alive new-born babies were laid aside, in order to die. Luckily, there were 57 workers of the hospital who cannot agree to murders, wrote a letter to the Health Department with a question whether leaving a new-born 6-month-old baby without help is compatible with law. They had to wait for a reply for a year. Finally, it was agreed that abortion after the 22nd week is forbidden. It was allowed to kill babies in the 20th and 21st week of pregnancy.

It is astonishing why such an important and shocking issue does not raise the attention of mass media. Only the weekly ‘Uważam Rze’ by the way of discussing the film ‘October Baby’, based on the story of Gianny Jessen, touched on the issue of late abortions in the USA. The practices of our doctors are silenced. When in 2006 in ‘Życie Warszawy’ an article ‘New-born babies without help’ came out, describing the cases of sentencing born babies to death during a surgery of abortion in Polish hospitals. The Council of Media Ethics scolded the editorial office for emphasizing too drastic issue. Apparently, other editorial offices took the criticism seriously and there came conspiracy of silence. It is interesting, what must happen to wake up our consciences, in order to claim the right for life for these most defenceless.


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