Archbishop Wacław Depo - the metropolitan of Częstochowa, the chairman of the Council for Mass Media of the Polish Episcopal Conference

In the context of de-christianization, and also visible fight against the Church on many fields, one cannot forget that deficiencies in the work of new evangelisation result from neglects in the field of communication of the Church with contemporary times. In the post-conciliar years many initiatives were undertaken, aiming at showing truths of Christian faith and morality in a way more adequate to sensitivity and problems of people of our times. Blessed John Paul II emphasized that faith truths (dogmas) and the content of canon law remain unchangeable. Distinguishing between immutability of the doctrine and variability of the language of its transfer allows the Church for adjusting teaching of faith truths to various cultures. And it requires the Church to represent a personalistic attitude in relations with the contemporary man, ready to take all roads and listen to both worries and hopes in people. The Church - especially at present time - cannot completely realize its mission without cooperation with media. It should also be emphasized that if mass media treat the Church as a competitor and the opponent of democracy, they will not serve to the Polish society truly.
Today we need responsible attitude of family, school and the Church and also people of media in care about the future of Homeland. In fact, using the gift of freedom must be based on the truth.
Therefore I want to appeal to the representatives of mass media - to journalists, press publicists and also journalists of electronic media - for a quality change in their attitude towards discussions and disputes referring to ethical issues connected with human life and man's reference to God.
Let the Day of St. Francis Salezy, a patron of journalists help us discover new directions of discussions, and first of all, transfer it from the sphere of political or journalistic temporariness onto the sphere of real ethical responsibility. Let Maryja of Jasna Góra, Mother of Church help us tell via various media about: the truth, beauty, joy and hope of life.
I bless everyone with all my heart!

Częstochowa, 24 January 2013, on liturgical reminiscence of St. Francis Salezy


"Niedziela" 3/2013

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