Who will a place on the MUX – 1 be for?


The chairman of the National Broadcasting Council Jan Dworak, during the press conference on 2 January 2013, said that he ‘is really sorry’ to accept the words of archbishop Sławoj Leszek Głódź, quoted by ‘Our Journal’, who demands the National Broadcasting Council to ‘present its explicit attitude in the issue of Television Trwam and the contest which had been planned for last four places on MUX – 1’ and to discuss these issues with the Broadcasting Council of the Polish Episcopal Conference. Jan Dworak tried to diminish the worries of bishops connected with the concession process on the digital multiplex. He resorted to threats against hierarchs with judicial suing them. He attacked, among the others, archbishop Głódź and journalists who pay attention to the bias of the National Broadcasting Council in the concession proceeding, which resulted in discrimination of Television Trwam.

The words of the chairman Dworak were commented for the Catholic Informative Agency by archbishop Głódź. As he said, the chairman of the National Broadcasting Council ‘may be sorry but he should express his opinion in a precise way’.

According to Dworak, father Rydzyk ‘may be expecting the National Council to declare before the beginning or maybe the end of the contest, that one of the places is assigned for Television Trwam. – The National Broadcasting Council will not declare for the simple reason: it is forbidden by law and we will treat all participants of the contest equally – he said.

- We are waiting for this law. And let they say clearly what they mean – said archbishop Głódź in the interview with the Catholic Informative Agency. In his opinion, in the whole matter ‘there is a confusion’, and the chairman Dworak ‘should not justify himself’. Being asked how he would see a solution for the dispute about the place on the multiplex for Television Trwam, archbishop Głódź answered: - We must say in such a way that everybody will know what it is all about.

Archbishop Wacław Depo – the chairman of the Council for Mass Media of the Polish Episcopal Conference said for the ‘Our Journal’ that ‘the will and desire of the Catholic society which is the majority in our country, is to have representation on the multiplex, at least of one Catholic station. And not the one which will have a voice on the knowledge of religion but the station representing the Catholic Church in Poland and this station of Television Trwam’.

Among many communities which express their worries because of new attempts of the discrimination of Television Trwam through not granting it concession on the digital multiplex, theologians and bible experts from the whole country are also focused in the Biblical Work of John Paul II. They took a critical attitude towards the conditions of the contest planned by the National Broadcasting Council on the digital multiplex: ‘We do not want to think that they are aimed at excluding Television Trwam through granting the concession on the MUX – 1 to the subject which may have just appeared and may have character of religious knowledge more than religious-social character’ – we read in the latter of the Biblical Work to Jan Dworak. The authors of the letter emphasize, the TV station from Toruń carries out work of new evangelization, serving to the matter of open social dialogue and being a space of free exchange of thoughts among people of various ideological, religious and cultural trends.


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