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The review of the most important events at Jasna Góra in the year 2012 prepared by Fr. Ignacy Rękawek – a custodian of the Jasna Góra Sanctuary and Fr. Stanisław Tomoń – the spokesperson of Jasna Góra with the Press Office, was presented on 31 December 2012 during solemn Vespers in the Jasna Góra Basilica.

The most important events

The most agitating event of the last year was the profanation of the Miraculous Image of Our Lady, committed at Jasna Góra on 9 December. In the Sanctuary there is still expiatory prayer for the attempt of destroying the Image.

In December preparatory works for installing a new case for the Jasna Góra were started. A special case with devices providing a suitable micro-climate for the aged Icon has been prepared for a long time. After installing the new case, the Image will be in the conditions similar to those which the most valuable artworks have in the best museums, completely independent from the surroundings.

In 2012 Jasna Góra fully engaged in reminding about the necessity of fulfilling Nation Vows of Jasna Góra, especially in the work of defending life, in relation to the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the Movement of Spiritual Adoption of the Conceived Baby. A plaque with the text of the Vows, whose author is the primate of Poland cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, was sacrificed at Jasna Góra on 26 August. The votive plaque placed at the entrance to the Chapel was given by the Institute of Primate Wyszyński on 70th anniversary of its establishment.

The copy of the Miraculous Image of Our Lady started its journey from Jasna Góra in 2012, through the route ‘From Ocean to Ocean’, in the intention of life defense. The journey started in Russia, is taking place through Asia and Europe – from the East to West. Our Lady in the copy of Jasna Góra Image is to visit 23 countries, travelling 18 thousand kilometres. The Image of Visitation was sacrificed and attached to the original image during the celebration at Jasna Góra on 28 January 2012. The peregrination of the image of Our Lady was prepared by movements of life defense, gathered in the Human Life International.

On 3 May 2012 the epitaph was unveiled on the wall opposite the Chapel of the Miraculous Image, reminding about the air crash on 10 April 2012. The Smoleńsk Epitaph commemorates not only this catastrophe but also the murder in Katyń in 1940.

On 25-27 June there was the Second National Pilgrimage of the Hungarians to Jasna Góra; it was attended by about a thousand of pilgrims, including bishop, the chairman of the Hungarian Parliament marshal Laszlo Kovera. Vote was made – the well of Polish-Hungarian friendship, with the sculpture of blessed Euzebiusz, the founder of the Pauline’s Order.

In December 2012 the project of complex restoration of Jasna Góra monastery building was completed, financed from the means of the European Union and the Ministry of Culture of the National Heritage.

Jasna Góra in numbers

Jasna Góra was visited in 2012 by about 3 million 300 thousand pilgrims. 203 Polish-wide pilgrimages were attended by about 780 thousand people. biggest pilgrimages were organized by the Family of Radio Maryja, the Renewal in the Holy Spirit, Farmers, Labour People, Anonymous Alcoholics, Family of Schools under the name of John Paul II, Railway-men, Children Rosary Groups, Amazon, teachers, foresters, Legion of Mary, postmen, Marian Apostolate, Marriages and Families, Young Listeners of Radio Maria, Electricians, Secular Franciscan Order, Catholic Action, Beekeepers. It was the first time for: Pilgrimage of Journalists and Pilgrimage of Rifle Association. There were 278 walking pilgrimages which were attended by 140 thousand and 956 people.

Beside Polish cardinals, archbishops and bishops 42 hierarchs from 24 countries arrived. The sanctuary was visited by pilgrims and tourists from 74 countries. The Jasna Góra Information Centre was showing pilgrims round in 11 languages – the tourist’s guiding service was used by 3241 foreign groups in the number of 80877 people. Among foreign pilgrims, their biggest number was from Italy (19105 people), USA(11187), Germany (10302), Spain (7978), France (7916),Portugal (2940), Austria (2449), Hungary (2511). Guides were also showing 1149 Polish organized groups round, in the number of 391714 people.

Eucharist was celebrated by priests 67875 times, 6430 sermons, homilies and Jansa Góra Appeals were given. 1 mln 894 thousand Holy communions were given, 42 couples got married and received the sacrament of marriage, 50 children were baptized.

Confessors at Jasna Góra devoted 33480 hours to pilgrims, serving in confessionals through giving the sacrament of reconciliation.

Various prayer groups attended 218 vigil prayer nights. There were 12 congresses and scientific-pastoral symposia. 16 series of retreats were carried out for various organized groups. There were 21 musical concerts. The Centre of Spiritual Adoption at Jasna Góra trained 220 animators. The spiritual adoption was undertaken by about 58 thousand people.

Initiatives, awards

The Publishing House ‘Paulinianum’ has edited 21 books this year: albums, books, prayer books. Jasna Góra is conducting apostolic and evangelising activity also through Radio Jasna Góra and the bimonthly ‘Jasna Góra’.

In 2012 the Brotherhood of the Pauline Order adopted: archbishop Wacław Depo – the metropolitan of Częstochowa, Fr. Tadeusz Rydzyk – the director of Radio Maryja and Television Trwam, prelate priest Stanisław Kardasz – the parish priest of the church of Our Lady of Victory in Toruń and the founder of the Walking Pilgrimage from Toruń to Jasna Góra and professor Jerzy Andrzej Wojtczak-Szyszkowski – professor at Warsaw University.


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