The text of reflections of the prior of Jasna Góra Fr. Roman Majewski OSSPE during the expiatory Jasna Góra Appeal on the day of insulting the Miraculous Image of Our Lady – 9 December 2012

Brothers and sisters! Compatriots!

This morning the hand of a mad man threw paint at the Image, in order to destroy the image of our beloved Mother and Queen. Madness without any limits. After all, nobody is not able to destroy Your Image, Mother, in us, the image of Mother of Częstochowa, which is strongly inscribed in our hearts and is cared for everyday with caring power and nostalgia, with lively faith and hope.

Nobody is able to destroy Your most valuable gift among us – Jesus, our Lord and Redeemer. Because satan – the lover of death and loss – was overcome on the cross by God’s Son.

Brother, who raised your hand against your Mother, mad brother, it is also our Mother, our beloved Mother! What have you done? Who persuaded you into it?...

Who will count tears of pain and fright because of this wickedness? Who can mockingly be glad with this pain and this terrible truth that Poland is standing at the threshold of the general profanation of God and the man? Who is in favor of the fact that there is a real madness of the so-called Poles around us every day in words and actions? Madness without limits. Without human moral limits, without repentance, without responsibility for words and actions.

Who wants Poland to open the door hospitably for those, who mock at their Homeland and its greatest holiness everyday and publicly, in the name of tolerance? They mock at its holy places and its holy traditions. In the name of what we – the nation, are to get rid of everything which we are, and for which we as Poles paid with our blood, suffering and long captivity and enslaving of the previous generations? Aren’t we still able to draw conclusions from our history?

Don’t we need somebody among us, who will encourage us, the nation to repent, to defend its dignity, its real freedom in thinking and acting?

Are we able to stand in the truth about us? Who are we and where are we going to?

Are we able to defend the truths of the holy Church in our heart, in our family, in our community? Because years ago God’s servant Fr. Marian Morawski, a Jesuit used to teach: ‘many people are insulted in our Homeland with the fact that the Church teaches mysteries unavailable to the reason, humiliating the hardness of the human reason’. The sign which will be opposed to.

Many people are still being insulted in our Homeland with laws and regulations of the Church, especially the ones which are against one’s own love, senses, laziness. They are insulted by holy confession, Lent, Eucharist, celibacy of clergy – everything which is in the Church, is teasing and insulting them.

Many people in our Homeland are insulted by the human side and defect of the Church. They see in all states of the Church- in its priests, in its whole holy hierarchy, in Orders – a lot of defects, negligence, mischief, but most of them are discouraged from the Church by scorn and hatred of the world.

In the big crowd of people opposing the Church and in a bigger crowd of people indifferent to the Church, there are so many its children, fed with the milk of its teaching and holy sacraments.

Thousands of saint men and women – our compatriots – used to call and still call for Poland loyal to God. They used to call, and also are calling today. They used to call as a warning, so that people would repent. Today we, in this evening of supplication, want to call on our knees.

God, the Holiest in the Trinity, at home of Your Virgin Maryja, whom you chose as Mother of Your Only Son, and our Lord Jesus Christ, we, Your Children are begging on our knees:

For sins of unfaithfulness, for removing You from life; for destroying faith in the hearts of children and the youth; for neglecting Your commandments in personal and social life; for the fact that although we are related with Your through the holy baptism, we are not trying to get to know You or love You; for our brother who has attacked the Miraculous Image of Jasna Góra today – we apologize to You, Lord!

For disrespecting holy days; for unnecessary work on Sunday and feasts, and also for fulfilling time with entertainment at the cost of the Holy Mass; for missing the Holy Mass willfully; for wicked taking the Holy Communion; for our whole coldness and indifference towards You, present in the Holiest Sacrament – we apologize to You, Lord!

For divorces of marriages; for breaching the marriage loyalty; for refusing the right of life to unborn children; for sins of alcoholism; for freedom of morals; for any scandals done towards our neighbors; for disrespect of the human property; for dishonesty at work; for everything which is against Your commandment of love towards our neighbor – we apologize to You, Lord!

For lack of courage in proclaiming the truth about You and lack of responsibility for Your Holy Church; for putting material values higher than You; for indifference of parents and all adults towards Christian upbringing of children and the youth; for the fact that we do not testify about You in the world surrounding us – we apologize to You, Lord!

Brothers and Sisters, in the name of our community I thank everybody for today’s presence at the feet of Our Lady, for solidarity with us, Her unworthy servants, for the words of friendly love and care about the spiritual capital of our nation, for the prayer – millions of prayers which defend Jasna Góra from the satanic anger.

I thank with all my heart to our priests: father of our arch-diocese archbishop Wacław, senior archbishop Stanisław, bishop Antoni and Jan for their valuable fatherly and brotherly love, for their presence with us, for their pastoral care about the throne of God’s Mother at Jasna Góra, for their care about people entrusted to them.

I thank bishops and archbishops who joined us in our expiation.

I thank all residents of Częstochowa for their presence and love. For their pilgrimage to Mother. It is You, Brothers and Sisters, who are the first defenders of your Mother and Queen. You are supposed to defend and guard her, not to lose her.

I thank the police through the person of the commander of the Silesian police Dariusz Działo and the commander of the metropolitan police in Częstochowa, insp. Artur Bednarek – for professional and quick help and honest readiness to bring help to Jasna Góra.

I thank all priests of the arch-diocese and nuns present here, as well as people the most loyal to Mother.

Finally, I thank my dear co-brothers Paulines who have been guarding this treasure for ages, so that no harm would happen to it. I give thanks onto the hands of the general Izydor for the protection done years ago, which today have turned effective and protected the Image.

I thank for brother Paweł who has fulfilled the task very well, stopping the brother-mad man.

‘We are entrusting ourselves under you defence, Holy Mother of God…’


"Niedziela" 52-53/2012

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