When nearly all media were referring to the information that Poles are pro-life more and more often, the public opinion was electrified by an astonishing signal from New York

In Poland, during six years about fifty babies were abandoned in the ‘windows of life’. Nearly all babies got to foster families. One of the stories ended untypically – a 18-year-old mother and grandmother of an abandoned 4-week-old baby girl in Kielce changed their decision and came back for their newborn baby.

An absurd in the service of the evil

Mothers without any support could anonymously and without any consequences leave their babies in safe places so far. Such places are functioning nearly in whole Europe, from the year 2006 in Poland. An astonishing argumentation is coming to us from the ocean. In the opinion of the activists of the monitoring organ, fulfilling the decisions of the Convention about Child’s Rights by the state, ‘the windows of life’ breach among the others the child’s right to get to know their parents. – The ‘windows of life’ do not serve to the best interest of a child and a mother – stated Maria Herczog, a Hungarian sociologist and a member of the UNO in a conversation with ‘Jewish World Review’. In her opinion, the practice encourages mothers to leave their babies without a suitable medical care. The decision about abandoning a baby also results from the situation of women, who are forced to it by souteneurs or members of their families. The activist announced that she would request the European Parliament for introducing the ban of functioning the ‘windows of life’.

What is it all about?

In 2006 the Library of the ‘Sunday’ published an extremely interesting book entitled: ‘War against Christianity’. The main thesis of Italian authors Eugenia Roccella and Lucetta Scaraffia concentrates on an ideology connected with the European Union and the UNO. Among discussed issues there is also a discussion about the anti-population policy of liberal and feminist environments. Particular congresses and conferences organised by clerks of the UNO have been trying to re-define basic terms for many decades. Some suggestions are even close to an absurd. For, it is difficult to treat differently the idea of separating the phenomenon of femininity from having children or fertility. What is shameful or burdensome, is an honour and blessing for traditionally thinking people. It is not accidental that Eve from the paradise has got a name in the Bible so much connected with giving life (life-giving). This was simply a plan of the Creator.

When the reason is asleep

However, let’s come back to the commotion connected with the pronouncement of Maria Herczog. On one scale she puts the doubtful comfort of knowledge referring to the identity of parents, and on the other scale – human life. After all, one does not need much imagination in order to realise that the alternative for the ‘windows of life’ can be even cases of infanticide. Certainly, it does not need to be so and it is not so for sure in the case of millions of mothers but even if according to the decision of the UNO there will appear a danger, can one allow for a risk towards such a high rate?

Luckily, after popularizing the revelation from America, in media comments appeared among which the reason was dominating. So, the fact is even more astonishing that one could also hear voices supporting the Hungarian sociologist. However, it is not difficult to resist the impression that at the base of these voices there is organic hatred towards everything which is Christian. Some people simply cannot express the fact that we are dealing with a positive balance of the activity which is supported by the Catholic Church. For, in our country the main organiser of the windows of life is Caritas, which has been cooperating with religious orders for six years. There are safe places near monasteries to leave babies, and nuns are on duty for 24 hours, because babies usually get there at night. Nobody demands praises for efforts and sacrifice for the sake of rescuing human life, but also nobody imagined that somebody would think about questioning this activity. Even if the status of the ‘windows of life’ is not completely sanctioned by law, the last discussion clearly shows that law is for the man, not the man for the law.


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