For a long time the authorities of the country has been ‘toddling’ around this highly problematic issue. However, at some moment it was decided to undertake the delicate problem in a cunning way, but not frontally in the form of a state act but through ministerial regulation, pushing the troublesome burden away onto hardly panting local self-governments. One of the first areas of this experiment was the city Częstochowa, holy for the Poles.

The pastor of the arch-diocese of Częstochowa – archbishop Wacław Depo energetically reacted to the intrigue initiative. He thoroughly declassed ontological, moral dimension of the in vitro method. He showed its cruelty and the whole negative dimension of its essence. The editor-in-chief of the ‘Sunday’, prelate priest Ireneusz Skubiś also took up the same line, noting the alternative method of the so-called procreative technology. He also put the perverse administrative trick in the context of the social life of the town of the Polish Queen.

The introduction of the in vitro method was clothed in a rag of false mercy, in fact fulfilling the pockets of greedy doctors. Certainly, Christians in the government from the Civic Platform chose people suitable for them, who are of the sign of the bloodthirsty communist camp, permanently fighting against the Church and Christianity.

This all does not take place without false generalizations and shameful silence. And, for example, the in vitro method is presented as the only way of solving the problem of infertility. And, after all, as it was mentioned, the honest way of treating infertility is a seamless and ethically correct method known as procreative technology.

There is one more opportunity which influences the issue of our Polish ominous initiative connected with in vitro. It is a high probability of ‘service’ of another advisor who was an older Great Brother from the East not long time ago, and today – the western secularized Europe.

Polish bishops have always had an attitude of the Catholic doctrine opposing to any manipulations concerning the conceived life. A clear and unambiguous answer appeared to this decision, made somehow behind the back door. An attempt of solving a serious and risky problem in economically impaired Szczecin was given in a precise answer by a vigilant pastor of the archdiocese of Szczecin archbishop Andrzej Dzięga in an apostolic letter addressed to the faithful in his archdiocese on Sunday before the feast of King Christ.

Archbishop Dzięga, a prominent lawyer in the Episcopal Conference and an educated pastor, expressed this attitude in a lapidary statement of the regulation the teaching and ethical consequences coming from it. He defined the in vitro method in an unambiguous and definite way as a moral evil, that is, a hard sin in its global range. Everybody who have engaged in the practice of the operation in any way or affirm the operation so publicly, because of being in the state of the mortal sin, put themselves outside the group of those who are enabled to receive the Holy Communion. So, the situation is very clear. If before receiving the Holy Communion there was no public declaration of disapproval for this method, one has no right to receive it fairly. And as the Archbishops states it – the man ‘is separating himself from the community with the Catholic Church’, and, as a result, he closes his way to ‘a full Eucharistic life’.

There are still the consequences of the criminal project. First the material ones, economic. The central budget is pushing away the costs of the exertion onto local budgets, that is, reaching for the pocket of the society. It is a cynical breach. And not to say about moral costs and religious people engaged in the legalisation and implementation of this moral crime.

For those who are in favour of this criminal procedure and are joining it, and considering themselves as authentic Catholics, whoever they would be, it is a threatening warning and admonition.


"Niedziela" 50/2012

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