She was talking to God’s Mother

Krystyna Czuba

On 13 February 2005 sister Łucja is going to Heaven. In 1917 God’s Mother had entrusted a difficult message to her – calling for the conversion of the world. She heard it as a little girl, a simple, ordinary shepherdess from a Portugal village. God uses difficult logics than human imaginations and calculations. In the beginning of the salvation history he also used an ordinary girl from a small village – Mary from Nazareth. The redemptive mission of Mary and Fatima task of Łucja start from their meetings with an Angel – an emissary of God. Our experience of God often starts with the meeting with the Saints. They are somehow heralds of God sent to us. We do not always know that the saints stand on our road. We can not always appreciate these meetings and these are the most important events in our life. In 1992 I was in Fatima in a pilgrimage organized by Pallotine Priests. The organizers suggested me a common trip to Coimbro to meet with sister Łucja. I could not believe that I would be able to see the sister who had talked to God’s Mother; Carmel in Coimbra – heavy monastery iron gratings, and a smiling face of sister Łucja behind them; the face which did not show age; the face marked with brown dark eyes in which strength of personality reflected. She was speaking Portugese and somebody was translating her. She was telling about Mary’s Immaculate Heart which loves us and she was telling about the Church which is her love. She thanked Poles with whom she had talked not for the first time. The conversation lasted maybe for half an hour. On the same day we returned to Fatima where there was a procession with candles and the Rosary prayer said by the representatives of various nations. In the procession I was walking behind a cardinal whose name I cannot remember and I was holding a candle while saying a part of the Rosary prayer in Polish. I was very emotionally agitated and I was praying for Poland. A piece of this candle remained in my drawer as a sign of that unusual event. What did I learn from that time? Not at once but strongly do the Saints appear in our life and leave deep traces which lead us to God. I learn that we do not ‘live for ourselves’. Sister Łucja in her uneasy, long and nearly 100-year-old life lived in order to appeal for the conversion of the world. She wrote and said about that to other successors of St. Peter. How much courage and determination there was in this ordinary girl and later a nun in order to ‘save poor sinners’; because a sin is a big poverty of a man and a tragedy of the world. The unfriendly power is a horrible reality, the father of lies – is fighting for a man and against a man. Sister Łucja used to say ‘the world is overwhelmed by the satan’s de-organization, souls are deceived. The image of this commotion is very painful and getting lost in thinking among people on their high posts. For, the satan knows how to insult God and gain the biggest number of people in a short time and he will do everything in order to gain souls devoted to God’. This experience of sister Łucja is present in the societies of Europe and our homeland today. God’s Mother asks for help those who understand how big treasure the faith in God is and who ‘do not live for themselves’. Thanks to the Great Fatima Novenna, the Church in Poland helps us notice this call for our conversion and devoting ourselves to help ‘blind people’ and people of ‘hardened hearts’.

This Fatima keenness has also its inspirations and help of Polish Saints. These were God’s servants – Cardinal August Hlond, the Primate Stefan Wyszyński and the greatest of Poles – Blessed John Paul II. On 13 May 1982 in Fatima John Paul II said: ‘I am also going to this blessed place, in order to listen to the message of our Mother again who is concerned about her children. I am standing here as a witness of apocalyptic threats to the nations and humankind’. It seems that the present threat is growing not in respect of the apocalyptic destruction of the world but in respect of the apocalyptical destruction of consciences by unimaginable crisis of faith. Unfortunately, the crisis is coming to Poland through all roads. The Evangelist wrote a sad question of Christ: ‘Will the Human Son find faith on the Earth when he arrives?’ (Lucas 18,8).

The Fatima message before the century of revelations, received from sister Łucja, is a voice of Poland from the Fatima sanctuary in Zakopane. It is the voice calling to our consciences that faith and prayer are the most powerful strengths which can influence the history of a man, nation and the world. They are like David’s weapon in the fight against Goliat. Sister Łucja knew about it because she had talked with God’s Mother. And we believe in that.


"Niedziela" 07/2012

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