For catholic solidarity

Fr. Inf. Ireneusz Skubiś, A chief Editor of the Catholic weekly ‘Sunday’

Many of us remember beautiful eighties when the solidarity of Poles appeared on the Polish Coast. We remember these photographs of the Gdansk Shipyard, with the portraits of the Holy Father John Paul II and the picture of God’s Mother of Częstochowa and also other Christian symbols. We knew that Poland is there. We were happy about the breath of freedom because at that time we were still under the pillory of the communist government and nobody believed that we would be able to free oneself from this oppression steered also from outside. And the time of freedom came and people started talking honestly and trustfully with one another. The election of Cardinal Karol Wojtyła into the shepherd of the Universal Church undoubtedly contributed to it. And, just at that time, the great solidarity blossomed and it turned out to be our greatest victory. Later the years of rebuilding came. Unfortunately, today we see that we have made many significant mistakes, that we did not introduce good solutions and that we became people dependent from the foreign capital and various treaties. These treaties existed especially in the world of media. Therefore, at present in our homeland we have such problems as not granting the license to the Television ‘Trwam’ on the digital multiplex. It is an obvious matter that Polish Catholics have a right to this television and participation in the public life! Unfortunately, even such obvious matters become difficult matters for the multimillion Catholics society.

Therefore, I deeply ask everybody to pay attention to the importance of solidarity in looking at religious matters, the Church, and pastoral ministry. We must be together! Only solidarity can bring us victory. And it is not about the victory among priests but ordinary citizens who are often poor and helpless but honest and having their good will. We need great solidarity also in reference to the Catholic newspaper. Catholic press is not burdened with any treaties of the foreign capital. It says about the matters of the Church in a suitable way, and also about matters which are important for the whole nation and about matters which ordinary people live. And one more thing – Catholic media do not tell lies and are directed by people who care about the truth. Those who read the Catholic weekly ‘Sunday’ systematically think in this way. Once we had a beautiful motto: ‘‘Sunday’ in every family’. Today, when the ‘Sunday for Youth’ is in every edition, it is even more current.

Let’s have a good will to support the Television ‘Trwam’ – the only and completely independent television in Poland, which is aiming at nothing but only welfare of homeland. It does not belong to any political party or to clergy – it is simply a television station with a good program. Let the signatures given in the defence of the Television ‘Trwam’ be a sign of our Catholic solidarity.


"Niedziela" 06/2012

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