In the defence of the Television ‘Trwam’

Fr. Ireneusz Skubiś

As we notice, today many people in Poland and abroad choose the program of the Television ‘Trwam’ among so many television possibilities. It is a program so strongly and explicitly rooted in our national culture which is Catholic and which contains a great evangelical message expressed through the teaching of the Magisterium of the Church, led by Pope Benedict XVI. We are waiting for the programs of the Television ‘Trwam’ because they are rooted in the Polish national mentality, in the world of beauty hidden in the monuments of the past and in what really builds us. And, first of all, we must appreciate the truth in which this Television station is leading.
For, when we are observing various programs, we notice much hypocrisy and cynicism in their contents. We often grieve over the fact that many journalists have descended to the level below the moral norm and they can do everything for money. Unfortunately, such programs do not have any sense of existence in the long run, we do not want to watch or listen to them, because they lack respect for our values, they contain a lie and hypocrisy. We also reject the option which is imposed on the whole nation and which is alien to Christianity and Christian values. Therefore we are surprised by some actions of the Polish Television, among the others, the promotion of the satanist and we feel sorry that today’s its dissidents who come from Catholic journalism, cannot notice what values are brought by Christianity, the Catholic Church and culture that is taught by the Church. We are accompanied by much grief and resentment that we see how the transmissions of apostolic journeys of the Holy Father Benedict XVI to different countries of the world are omitted and there is lack of reports on such important world’s events as the visit of the Pope in Madrid on the World’s Youth Day last year and many others which are awaited by millions of people. We find the events on the Radio Maryja and the Television ‘Trwam’. And this is the ordinary lack of proportions on the Polish Television – so much time is devoted to small groups, sometimes very loud, whereas the needs of the majority of the society are not considered at all. There are sometimes attempts to satisfy the society but there often appears dilettantism here and the lack of journalists’ competence in the matters of faith and religion or the necessity of subjecting to a directive by the managers of TV line. Because of that, many people had to be dismissed and resign from work for some newspapers, leave television or radio buildings, because they were not obedient towards their principals. The Television ‘Trwam’ belongs to such institutions which tell the truth. Therefore this television station is chosen by millions of Poles as the true television. These people are honest and hard-working but not rich who must have a guaranteed public space because they are not a small group but the majority of the society. As the citizens of this country, they have a democratic right to it. Their vote should be important not only before elections but at every moment. Therefore, today, together with the management of the Television ‘Trwam’, they are submitting their wish of access to the newest ways of media transmission, that is, a place of the Television ‘Trwam’ on the digital platform, because they simply deserve it. We express our opposite attitude against the politicians whose mouths are full of democracy and civic freedoms but, at the same time, they use injustice and violence against such a big part of the society. We demand honesty in the distribution of the concessions to which everybody has got a right and, first of all, the Television ‘Trwam’ which tells the truth. The Editorial Office of the Catholic weekly ‘Sunday’ asks its Readers to show their support for the appeal of the Television ‘Trwam’. We demand only our right through our resolute votes. We, Catholics, will not allow for any vexation especially now, in the so-called times of freedom and democracy. We simply demand justice.


"Niedziela" 05/2012

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