Dear Older and Younger Readers of the Catholic weekly 'Sunday'

Fr. Ireneusz Skubiƛ

Christmas is the time full of our deepest desires and hope. The biggest desire of the Christ's Church is to be recognized very well. But it will not be done when we base only on what is said about the Church by media. According to the objectivism, we should reach to the sources which are connected with using Catholic media. Young readers have had 'The Sunday for youth' at their disposal for some time which is our special addition. Its editors, young people, apart from reflection and testimonies, prepare some cogitations and suggestions every week, directed to a young man and they are also open to cooperation. 'The Sunday for Youth' is not a vast periodical but is an injection used for fuller development of a young man and influences the formation of his character and his religious consciousness. It says about ordinary matters and the problems of young people, it includes advice which young people direct to their contemporaries. As the chief editor of the Catholic weekly 'Sunday' I feel responsible for the Catholic consciousness of every man. I know that especially young people face particular difficulties on the way of reaching to the truth, beauty and God. Hence, our initiative: buying the Catholic weekly 'Sunday' we have a possibility to give the pages written for the youth to young people in our families. Let parents, grandparents, friends give the pages to boys and girls, and let the pages be a continuation of religious education at school and the succession of accepted sacraments of baptism, the Holy Communion and Confirmation, let the pages teach about love and a great life; because the Gospel about Jesus Christ conveys the most beautiful love of God and man. We must open our eyes to values which are conveyed by the Gospel and which are the most objective and timeless, thanks to which a man will not get lost. We must only be in solidarity with each other and behave according to unconditioned love.
'The Sunday for Youth' is a weekly letter written to the young, which includes text concerning a young man who wants, like Jesus, grow in wisdom and mercy of God and people (see Lk 2,52). The Church which has been proclaiming the Gospel about Jesus for two thousands years is really the only institution which loves the man, trying to embrace him with the greatest because God's love. And although it sometimes seems that Catholicism may be a bit strict, too demanding, we should know that it is like a good father and mother who demand from their children because they love them their whole life and the future of their children is important to them! With this reflection but also our particular resolutions, let's stand before the God's Baby at this Christmas, realizing that Christ came to the world in order to redeem us. Redemption comes only through love. Christ teaches about this love and His Church conveys this teaching into the contemporaneousness. We must believe that the Church is our friend, that its purpose is not harming anybody but helping us in getting to the real happiness, both, here in the world and this eternal one. So, it is worth making an effort so that our families - also our young people - would brighten up with their love to born Jesus. It is worth living in God and for God. Only he is able to give everybody the biggest love and make everybody be able to love and be loved. Everybody finds their place in His teaching. Let the Christmas Eve wafer of our Christmas edition of the Catholic weekly 'Sunday' be a sign of our friendly spiritual connectivity in Our Lord.


"Niedziela" 52/2011

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