The frustration of believers

Waldemar Domański

When it has been another time in a row that the end of the world announced by Jehovah's witnesses has not come, the public opinion was firmly convinced that such an obvious evidence of swindle will cause the collapse and a complete separation among the members of the sect. However, not only did the collapse of the sect not come, but on the contrary, among the believers there occurred a phenomenon of fixation, that is, becoming adamant in fixed absurd and false opinions. Psychologists explained this strange behaviour by the action of a known defensive mechanism: when a believer is pushed against a wall by a consistent argumentation or an evidence of the proved lie, internally feels threatened and is getting more plunged in the evident lie.
In the recent time we have been dealing with a similar phenomenon. Fervent readers of the scandalous newspaper 'Facts and myths' as well as believers of some 'Jonasz', had to face very unpleasant facts. Here their self-styled prophet was accused of his connections with the Security Service - first as a candidate and then as a secret co-operator. Newspapers write about it, and the Institute of National Remembrance prepares suitable materials for this topic. The connections of 'Jonasz' with the Security Police also throw the light on his cooperation and the protective umbrella of the editorial office over Grzegorz Piotrowski. At the moment a matter of the membership of 'Jonasz' in the Parliament is being decided. The success of books and the weekly 'Jonasz'- by Roman Kotliński is based on his boasts that as a former priest he reveals the alleged secrets and sins of the Church, which, in the eyes of readers, made him credible. However, the revealed facts throw a completely different light. If Kotliński was ordained a priest as a sent agent and he is a pitiable swindler and his priestly ordination accepted with a wrong intention deceitfully, in the state of a deadly sin, are not and have never been valid. Other facts throw another light on the person of this enemy of the Church. In the newspaper 'Dziennik Łódzki' of 22 November 2011 a report of the Chancellery of the Seym was presented, which concerns the property owned by parliamentarians. And Roman Kotliński evaluated his property as nearly 15 millions zlotys. The editor of the anti-ecclesiastical weekly and the enemy of priests, accusing them of materialism and greediness, has got 95 thousands zlotys of savings, a large house of the area of over 1.5 thousands which he evaluated for 3 millions zlotys. This residence in 70 % belongs to a company Blaja News, and in 30% is the property of 'Jonasz' and his ex-wife. Another house was evaluated for 350 thousands zlotys by 'Jonasz'. He has also got five other estates (among the others, a leisure centre), he is a co-operator of three of them. He evaluated all these five estates for 11.4 millions zlotys. They also include: 70%share in the company Błaja News which are evaluated for 880 thousands zlotys. Because of the authorship rights he earned nearly 265 thousands zlotys from January till September. All this is the benefit from the work which is based on systematic propagating the hatred towards the Church, priests and the Catholic faith, producing slanders (which are proved by recorded trials by him), inspiring conflicts in the bosom of the Church community. There is also a point common with the history told in the beginning: three books, to which 'Jonasz' is grateful for his disgraceful career, were published in the publishing house of Jehovah's witnesses. Will the above-presented facts influence the consciousness of blinded followers of Kotliński, or will they maintain by his myths?


"Niedziela" 50/2011

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