We sow with Our Lady of the Sowing

Fr Ireneusz Skubis

Homily delivered at Jasna Gora on the feast day of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary - 8 September 2011.
On 8 September 1946 here, at the Jasna Gora Summit, Cardinal August Hlond, Poland's Primate, dedicated the whole Poland to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The year 1946. Poland was crying after the horrible German and Soviet crimes. So many of our brothers and sisters were tortured to death and so many were humiliated. Poland also cried looking at the Eastern Territories, which were lost and their citizens were expelled as far as to Kazakhstan and even farther. It was a big wound that our Homeland suffered.

Close to the Dearest Heart

The whole Poland needed a heart. There was one, dearest heart - the Heart of Mary. And the great Primate of Poland Cardinal Hlond dedicated Poland to that heart. It happened at Jasna Gora exactly 65 years ago. It was a big national pilgrimage. In those times there was the custom that on 8 September Poles, especially the faithful of the Diocese of Czestochowa, came here. They came with great piety, dedication as well as huge love and gratitude for Our Lady of Jasna Gora. It was a big national impulse. And contemporary Poland and Europe might not have existed if the great Primate had not drawn Poland to Mary's heart; if he had not dedicated Poland to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
We must remember this event, especially today when we have gathered in the Jasna Gora Basilica. We realise that we should renew this feast and that we should summon the whole nation on this feast day again. Since this feast speaks about the great gift of God for mankind - the gift of the Mother of Jesus, the most beautiful of all mothers, Mother that God gives to each of us.

In the very strange situation

We have come here today in this spirit, with a great need in our hearts. The Polish nation wants to renew this wonderful dedication since things are not going well in our country. If a Satanist is working in our public television, the one who tore up Bible pages in public not long time ago, and who was acquitted in court; if there is so much space for all things that are contrary to God's Revelation; if the rights that clearly oppose God's commandments are defended; if those who declare to be Catholics have the courage to support openly and clearly the anti-values, e.g., against life; when they can say, 'I love life and that's why I am for in vitro fertilisation - these are very strange things.
The time of liberalism is coming and it resembles the militant atheism very much, which makes the nation as if incapacitated. Once we were afraid of the first secretaries and today we are afraid of journalists who attack us in the press or speak about us on television or the radio. And they do that with impunity. We are really in a very strange situation. I think it is a situation of huge hypocrisy when the truth is rejected, when it is said that we do not know where the truth is, when values are questioned… If the court cannot give a responsible verdict for the one who profaned the Bible in public - what country is it? There are numerous baptised, millions go to Mass, receive Catholic weddings or funerals and at the same time we cannot cope with the simplest matters. We are very weak and poor. We, Catholics, have no public radio and television or we have very little of them, and additionally, our television and radio do not have sufficient support although they should be supported in an obvious way and by all people. It is also some weird phenomenon.

Appealing for a new approach

Therefore, we need a new approach. The present elections may be a good occasion to reflect and ask, 'What has happened to us? What has happened to this Catholic nation? What has happened to our Solidarity that saved Europe? Who of us, the older, thought then that the Berlin Wall would fall without any shooting, that the Soviet Union would fall apart, that the illegal systems, hostile to mankind and the Church, would be abolished?
One word 'solidarity' changed so much. People in Poland and all over the world began speaking differently. It occurred once again that we did not need Russian rockets and tanks but one word would suffice. What the Bible says is fulfilled, 'In the beginning was the Word…' The word-truth has a leading role because it liberates and saves. We are witnesses of that: Polish Solidarity performed such miracles. Naturally, many a time various magicians - specialists in lying - present various people and things that are supposed to free Europe. They do not mention the Polish Solidarity, the Polish Pope John Paul II, the role of Poland concerning the events in Europe, which led to Europe's desire to be united today. Unfortunately, now Europe is saying that it does not want to be Christian…
Therefore, Poland is needed. One also needs to adhere to the Mother of God, to her Immaculate Heart. One needs the crusade of the Rosary to expel Satan. Since undoubtedly what is happening is the attack of the evil spirit. Satan has captured many Poles, including those who are MPs or those who decide about important issues. Satan exists and whispers evil things; tells lies and says 'Non serviam' - what Satanists say, "I will not serve God.'

Words that are meaningful

Cardinal Hlond was succeeded by Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski, who gave us the great words, 'Soli Deo' - to God alone. I will serve and bow before God alone - Christ said while being tempted by Satan (see Matthew 4:10). The words flowing from the Primate's message were important in the times when they wanted to shake our system of values.
Then we had the message 'Totus Tuus' - totally yours. It was the dedication to Mary by Bishop and then Cardinal Wojtyla who became John Paul II; the words he fulfilled in a wonderful way. What other word could have replaced 'dedication' in Poland's oaths? If Cardinal Hlond dedicated Poland to Mary those words were the most beautiful and best ones, the most adequate ones. 'Torus Tuus' - totally yours!...
And today, Brothers and Sisters, we would like to repeat these words that the great Primates spoke: Cardinal Hlond - Da mihi animas (give me soul), Cardinal Wyszynski -Soli Deo (to God alone) and John Paul II - Totus Tuus' (totally yours). These are summaries of historical character, and we must know and remember them and we must transmit them to young people. We would like to do it in an open and loud way. But we must have the right to mass media.

What do you think about it?

I am speaking about this because on 18 September we are celebrating the World Communications Day in Poland. But on the radio and television we are given the so-called Catholic windows, i.e., we, Catholics, have some kind of Catholic ghetto in the media. And the whole nation is Catholic. So who is governing us? Who is controlling the television and Poland through the media? Who arms the minds of Poles? It seems that it is done by freemasons, godless people, and it will be done by the newly employed Satanist. And what is the nation doing? The nation has been weakened and lost the inner strength. The nation does not shout 'No!' People do not protest when they see evil. See how many thousands of people demonstrate in Spain when the government of Zapatero wants to destroy Christianity! People come, protest and may get rid of Zapatero's followers soon.
The Polish nation cannot yield. It has the wonderful Queen and her wonderful capital at Jasna Gora. Let us remember that it is a holy place and we should care for it. But the so-called Polish right-wing deprived Czestochowa of being a voivodship. Then Czestochowa was silent, submissive and could not cry…

Let us read, let us read, let us read...

This nation must know how to show its identity. It cannot yield to freemasons and those who pretend that they care for Poland and Poles. The media managed to blur our sight and we cannot see so many matters the way we should. Thus one should return to the ownership of the Polish media, not only the Catholic ones. First of all, the nation should read the Catholic press, listen to the Catholic radio because they live by the truth, love Poland and they love values. Let us not reject the value of the Church and Christianity, and let us not allow others to do that. Let us get interested in what the Catholic press writes about in the name of our own identity, the Polish interests, the Polish reason of state under the ruling of our Queen. Let us be interested in what 'Niedziela' publishes, the weekly that is faithful to God and Homeland, that for 30 years, since its restoration on the wave of regained freedom, wants to be watchful and proclaim God's truth in a powerful way. We do not deal with banal matters. We do not seek attractive layouts, images or photos. We try to fathom the problems and help people understand the reality.
The Catholic media sow the word of God. One must not destroy that. One should bless this word, familiarise it and follow it. There is the Latin saying, Bene distinguere - discern well. Good Catholic press teaches us to discern between evil and good. If the nation wants to preserve its identity and strength, if it wants to survive despite threats, it must live in a conscious way…

With rosaries in our hands

We dedicate ourselves to the Mother of God, to her Immaculate Heart, and we choose her as our Queen very day. Like the Hungarians who have dedicated themselves to Mary recently we should pray over all difficult matters; through the rosary crusade we should expel Satan and evil and adhere to the Gospel of Christ. Through the rosary crusade we hold our hands and adhere to the Church, which is being attacked in a ruthless way. But the Church is the only boat that can save Poland and people in Poland.
Perhaps next year on 8 September - the feast of Our Lady of the Sowing - we will summon a pilgrimage of 'Niedziela' and on this day we will pray in the great community of those who sow and want to sow. We would like the Jasna Gora commons be crowded as it was 65 years ago, so that Jasna Gora may shine to us, to the whole Poland, again and so strongly as it has been through the ages. And as the second bishop of Czestochowa Zdzislaw Golinski used to say we want very much Czestochowa to have not only Jasna Gora [Bright/Luminous Mount] but also bright people. Amen.

"Niedziela" 38/2011

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