Warning against immorality

Fr Ireneusz Skubis

Not long ago the efforts of Wlodzimierz Olewnik and his family to discover the truth about the murder of his son Krzysztof were commented in vain and unnecessary, that they will not bring back his son to life. Similar comments accompanied the establishment of the parliamentary investigation committee looking into the circumstances of the kidnapping and murder of Krzysztof Olewnik, and strictly speaking, the activities of the state institutions in that case.
Today we have got a final report of the committee, which was unanimously accepted by its members. The report contains an overwhelming evaluation of the activities of the public prosecutor and the police concerning the investigation. Wlodzimierz Olewnik was right desiring to show that the matter was important to him and his family and also to Poland. It turns out that we are living in a country with a huge mess to execute its law and important issues get lost in this mess. Numerous mistakes have been shown in the investigation concerning the kidnapping and murder of Krzysztof Olewnik. We cannot state whether these mistakes were conscious and intentional. Surely, we are going to wait long for professional analyses conducted by competent people. But now we can reflect on the moral condition of our society, what public officials we have, how the state services: policemen, judges, prosecutors and others, who were involved in the investigation of the parliamentary committee, fulfil their duties. What are their consciences, morals; what is their level of compassion for people… One cannot simply believe that such a situation could have happened in our times, in our civilised and even Christian, Catholic, country. There must have been people who knew about the planned crime although they might not have participated in that wicked deed. However, they did not defend the harmed man.
But let us focus on those who were responsible for defending justice, who were the state officials and were to guard citizens' safety. They neglected their duties, abandoned the commissioned tasks for which they received huge salaries. If a state official who assumes responsibility for his function and is paid for that has no sense of justice and no moral righteousness we face a real tragedy. There are so many abuses, so much human harm - first of all, of the family who waited 10 years to have some justice done, in the case of Krzysztof Olewnik's kidnapping and murder, which is a legal-sociological case study. Therefore, persistent Wlodzimierz Olewnik, having support of eminent lawyers, was right to insist on the explanation of this crime. Since this case must have a far-reaching conclusion. Since many a time our society learns about serious crimes, including murders, the investigations of which have been blurred and no one has been held responsible for them in court.
It should be remembered that the state is responsible for our lives, health and safety. And the question about the morality, honesty in private and professional lives of those who want to be candidates in the parliamentary elections is fundamental since it is a litmus paper of their future responsibility before their voters.
Common consent to moral negligence will cause misfortune of future generations. Those who aim at creating the so-called good RP do not realise that. Attractive look, no criticism, good results of opinion polls are most important to them. We can see that some people, some parties that aim at gaining votes and winning, show great concern for these elements. But it can be a trap for the whole nation, for all citizens who face ordinary lies or hypocrisy. So - warning against immorality. Lack of morality can lead to such tragedies. The drama of the Olewnik family has lasted for years. It affects the life of the society since this case has become a kind of symbol. It is a failure of the state under the rule of law, failure of the guardians of law and justice. The nation cannot accept such disaster and live in the conditions where lies win. They should be firmly rejected and we should care for honesty.
We are facing a big moral trouble. We are devoured by struggle with our neighbours; we are devoured by lies and desire to destroy our opponents, i.e. ordinary hatred. It is high time to defend the truth, honesty and reliability in the life of the nation and state. It is time to treat seriously the law and all that is connected with social justice. We should realise that we are responsible for future fates of Poles, of young people who do not realise what threats they face. It is the matter of their family lives, their happiness; it is the matter of the quality of our nation.
I appeal for morality in our deep reflection on the future of our Homeland and I do it with great concern for all of us. What will Poland be like and what people will build Poland?…

"Niedziela" 22/2011

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