The cat’s out of the bag

Jan Maria Jackowski

On 10 February the European Parliament adopted the resolution on equality between women and men, including the right of women to have easy access to contraception and possibility of abortion. 381 MEPs voted for the resolution, 253 were against (including part of the Polish MEPs from the Citizen’s Platform, Right and Justice and Polish Peasants’ Party) and 31 abstained. Through the resolution the MEPs appealed to improve the access of women to ‘the services connected with sexual and reproductive health’ and ‘to raise their awareness of their rights and of available services. Women must have control over their sexual and reproductive rights, notably through easy access to contraception and abortion; […] women must have access free of charge to consultation on abortion.’ The ideology of the document is best characterised by the fragment in which the European Parliament expressed its conviction that ‘sexual and reproductive health implies a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, in all matters relating to the reproductive system and to its functions and processes.’ Thus the European Parliament – the day after the new European Commission, which will manage over 500 million Europeans, was established, found an antidote to the biggest problems of our continent instead of struggling against the crisis, demographic winter, i.e. aging and dying Europe, heavy, globally non-competitive, centralised and over-regulated economy, migrations, social and civilisational conflicts (abortion, contraception and the ideology of equality). The resolution is not formally binding but the appeal to improve the access to abortion in the European Union infringes the competences of the member states. Besides, its contents speak a lot about who shapes the face of the European Union today. If nothing changes the effect of the resolution will not only be abortion on demand at the back of supermarkets but also the obligation of parity in mines and employment of minimum 50% of women in mines, obligatory promotion of homosexualism in schools and the parents’ obligation to bring up their children in an asexual manner and the sex of a child will be defined only after the child chooses itself who it wants to be after reaching 18 years of age. The cat’s out of the bag. The EU resolution makes evident the totalitarian face of the European Union, which being drawn from values leads to destruction. Translating the words of John Paul II uttered in Kalisz on 4 June 1997, ‘The nation that kills its own children is a nation without future’ one can say that Europe that kills its own children is a continent without future. Quo vadis Europae?! It is the highest time to withdraw from the anti-human way, which builds wellbeing of those that are strong by killing those that they regard as uncomfortable and weak.

"Niedziela" 9/2010

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