March for Life

Karolina Piechota

Poznan, Lodz, Szczecin or Warsaw… what unites these cities? Oh, many things can be mentioned... and one of them is the March for Life. This was organised by a group of students and alumni who took seriously the motto of this pastoral year ‘Let us care for life’ and decided to do something, not passing by indifferently.

That’s how it all began…

The idea to organise the March for Life in Poznan was initiated by Marcin Grzeskowiak, supported by Fr Pawel Pacholak and the Foundation ‘Voice for Life’. They encouraged people to take part in the First March for Life. I remember getting to know the idea of the March during one of the Masses for students celebrated in the Church of St Stanislaus Kostka in Poznan-Winiary. Ewa Grzeskowiak spoke at the end of the Mass and presented the plan, programme and aim of the March. And then the idea ‘Why not’ was conceived. Finally, there was an occasion to defend life, to do something, to take some step and not to stand observing indifferently.

The March and its symbols

The time for the March began. Preparations to the first, second, third March... each of them was different and the same. They were held in the morning, at noon, in the evening, always preceded by Mass. During the Mass an oil lamp was lit to be carried in front of the March by people wearing white t-shirts. These elements show innocence, hope to notice the smallest defenceless life that wants to live. Silence accompanies the March. One can state that it is not common these days. People walking in silence. Now people must express all feelings by shouting! Chanting, clapping, singing, crying, making noise... You shout because you want people to see you. This is beautiful! You, showing loudly your views, make people think. Nobody must focus on the contents of the shouts, banners because there are none. It is worth stressing that prayers begin and end the March. Our littleness circled over the thought, ‘There is nothing I cannot master with the help of the One who gives me strength.’

There is power in group

Hurry, chase, butting and fight push the contemporary world constantly … And here we have: halt, penetrating silence, harmony, being. You pose the question: what can I, an individual, do? How much can I give? Participating in the marches you show solidarity with those who are tormented themselves with these questions. You are united with those who think like you. You express your support. You feel the power and oneness because someone who you might not know, you might not know what he or she does for a living, walks beside you. And you know that he or she is for life. You need not fear to defend the smallest, innocent beings. You are in a group of individuals and there is power, huge potential! And we need them so much nowadays.

YES for life – express that!

Let us fight! We, the lucky ones, who can live; we, who have the freedom to choose. Let us do something! Stand up for those who cannot fight, who have not the right to live. Their cry is mute. Let us help! If we do care for life, commencing for the life of the little ones, let us express that! Let us value every being! It is as worthy as ours! An occasion to express your YES for life is the participation in the last ninth March for Life to be held on 22 November 2009. On that day we will have 266 days from the beginning of the marches – the same number of days of the growth of a child in the mother’s womb. The March will start in nine parishes where Masses will be celebrated at 6.00 p.m. Then the participants will go the Square of Adam Mickiewicz and they will hear heart beat. We invite you to take part in the March. We count on your presence! Detailed information at

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