Politically correct Nobel

Jerzy Pawlas

The American President did not achieve much but he was given the Nobel Peace Prize to the joy of the odd communist dictators (Cuba, Venezuela). The supporters of abortion and privileges for homosexuals rejoice. At last they triumph over the values of the traditional society. And the laureate himself – encouraged by the distinction – will conduct more effectively the American version of democracy and human rights in Afghanistan and in all places where there are strategic resources. The creative role of the Nobel Prize proved useful in the case of Simon Peres whose ‘activities for the cause of peace’ led to put the Palestinian population in the ghetto, surrounded by the concrete several meter high wall.

Some time ago it was ironically – by the way, understandably – said that a phantom of communism circled over Europe or at least over the burning (by the Marxist ideology) heads of the jury of the Nobel Prize. After the meticulous eulogist of Stalin (Wislawa Szymborska), the libertine juggler (Dario Fo), then the zealous communist (José Saramago) mocking at the Catholic religion. The left-wing sensitivity must have ordered the jury to take into account the ideology of the Holocaust business. Awarding ‘Kaddish for a Child Not Born’ by Imre Kertész they contributed to the modern reinterpretation of the events of World War II towards the only and unique martyrology. This year the ambitions of the jury went further. They decided to interpret the contemporary European history. In their opinion Herta Müller, a daughter of an SS soldier, presents ‘the world of the uprooted’. The Germans feel harmed since they did not succeed to realise the idea of ‘the Master race.’ One cannot find a better exhibit for ‘a visible sign’, built by Erica Steinbach (a daughter of a German occupant, born in Poland, who also considers herself as ‘expelled’). We do not know to what extent the cancellation of the project of the missile shield in Poland or the announcement of escalation of Afghanistan’s pacification became the key argument for the jury to award the American President. His announcement to struggle with the windmills (the so-called global warming) and the introduction of common surveillance of citizens (under the pretext of terrorism) might have caused that. Anyway, the triumph of the international leftism was announced. Those who are threats to the whole world – give peace prizes.

"Niedziela" 44/2009

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