Propaganda, political and other patterns

Marian Miszalski

At its last congress the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) elected Grzegorz Napieralski, a relatively young man, as their leader. The left wing circles eagerly compare him to the Spanish socialist Zapatero, and Napieralski seems to have nothing against it. One may even think that he is flattered by this comparison... Therefore, it is worth realising that in Spain Zapatero represents truly leftist trend in socialism, glorifying Bolshevism of the Spanish civil war. No wonder that during the rules of the Zapatero’s men the memory of the heroes who opposed ‘the red plague’ is marginalized and even annihilated. Zapatero’s socialists also attack the Catholic Church using the motto of ‘fight against clericalism.’ Furthermore, the Spanish socialism is characterised by privileges for homosexuals and zealous defence of ‘abortion gains.’ Today, when in the industrialised countries the traditional proletariat disappears because of technological development and ‘workers’ masses’ - socialists (not only in Spain...) clearly breed ‘substitute proletariat’ in the form of exciting movements of sexual deviants, feminist movements and demagogical rhetoric of ‘human and citizen rights’ (as many claims against the state as possible and as few duties and little personal responsibility as possible). One can see a calculated anti-clericalism in the Spanish socialists, who do not differ from the French, German or other socialists. It is hard to say how much this anti-clericalism results from the inspirations of the Russian special services and how much it results from itself: from the misunderstanding that in Europe the reasons why America had to put an end to the war competition of the European powers twice in the past, and from the misunderstanding that the German-Russian partnership threatens the political and economic balance in Europe. Unfortunately, it seems that the socialists of all political persuasions are left only with the poor means to keep on in the political, democratic market, especially in the Western European countries, which have not experienced the long-term effects of real socialism, where the socialists can delude the ‘substitute proletariat’ they breed themselves with a glowing vision of the future. But what do the socialists in Poland and other countries, which are still getting out from the socialist collapse of real socialism, count on? When people still remember empty shop shelves, huge lines for everything, ration coupons for meat and other products as well as the repressive real socialism, exciting even ‘the substitutive proletariat’ with possible ‘gains of real socialism’ is difficult... Therefore, one should invent new claims against the state. But society has already known that the claims of one social group are paid by other groups (and the poorest pay most frequently) and not by the ‘state.’ When this strategy fails the left-wing parties resort to demagogy targeted to real reactionaries, who even the most developed countries have. So when the SLD leaders herald ‘fight against the concordat’ Magdalena Sroda uses an appropriate repertoire and says in ‘Gazeta Wyborca’, ‘Today Poland needs anti-clericalism as she needed anti-communism in the past. The Church is a powerful organisation that actually rules over Poland.’ One should read this sentence twice to realise its perfidy... Thus Poland is not ruled over by any oligarchic networks and cliques, originating from the round table; Poland is not controlled by informal groups of former generals and colonels from the military special services (WSI) and the Special Services (SB); Poland is not controlled by the ‘authorities’ that have not been vetted; she is not even governed by the Citizens’ Platform and Prime Minister Tusk who acts as clockwork to ‘repay’ for being inflated beyond the real dimension before the elections... It turns out that ‘it is the Church that rules over Poland’! And one can even predict new revelations: the Bishops’ Conference is responsible for the strike of the Polish Post Services, this or that cardinal is responsible for the scandalous mess in health service, some archbishop or bishop - for deplorable experiments in education... We can just wait to see when the socialists from the circle of Napieralski or Sroda will inform their ‘substitute proletariat’ that the decrease of excise tax on petrol is not possible by Tusk’s government because Fr Tadeusz Rydzyk does not let them do it... Can their substitutive proletariat have any doubts about such a ‘diagnosis’ of the left-wing wise guys? The all-powerful rules of the Church in Poland should be replaced by the rules of the Spanish socialists; the concordat should be terminated, conceived children should be freely killed, homosexual ‘marriages’ should be allowed and they should have the right to adopt children, and moreover, the Church should be obviously removed from controlling the post office, health service, education, taxes and special services; at last Tusk’s government will have some institutions to control before they hang around with the socialist Zapatero’s people...

"Niedziela" 25/2008

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