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Fr Ireneusz Skubis

There is an interesting dialogue between Lord Jesus and Peter. Peter was shocked when he heard what was going to happen to his Master. But that was impossible: 'No such thing shall ever happen to you ' (Matthew 16: 21-23). And the difficult words of Jesus' reply: this is Satan's thinking and 'you are thinking not as God does, but as human beings do'.
I do not know whether we realize that Lord Jesus revealed the sad reality of our thinking. We are very much attached to our human reasoning and to seeing God in a human way. We look at the world and make conclusions about what is going on, without being fully aware that in everything God infinitively surpasses little man who does much good but he does it for his own benefit. For example, we can see politicians who come to church and play the role of pious Catholics in order to win plaudits - the elections are at hand and such actions are pretty and convincing and they can win more voters... In such periods, before elections, the human way of thinking is uniquely clear. And the interesting thing is that all pretenders for the title of nation's guides refer to ethics and morality, which they have often ignored themselves. Today they can see essential arguments in ethics and morality... However, man of God must reach deeper, must analyze his attitude, both his past and present attitudes. vAccording to the shepherds of the Church those who want to perform social functions must be transparent in one issue, namely the attitude towards protection of unborn babies' lives, towards the elderly and the sick as well as the phenomenon of the so-called homosexual marriages. Generally speaking, we want to refer the candidates to the sacred right, which every human being is entitled to - the right to live, God's law. In the above quoted Gospel passage Lord Jesus offered us his help when he rebuked Peter for his concern, which was quite sincere, but Peter did not take into account God's thinking. This is also a warning for us. Defending human rights we very often deprive others of the most fundamental right; placing man at the centre of our interests we actually go far from God.
Let us come back to the heated subject of elections. The announcement of the Polish Bishops Conference says that Catholics should take part in political life so that the promulgated laws should be in accord with God's law. If a Catholic does not take part in elections and does not vote for people who respect God's laws he commits a sin, which he will have to give account of before God.
We are at the beginning of the school year, which brings new hopes. May our concerns of this year include the necessity to mould the thinking of young generations so that they do not think as human beings do but their thinking should take into account God's laws.
What should we do in order to see God's laws in the chaos of the world and not to violate the laws recklessly? First of all, we should pray as often as we can, we should talk to God, ask him for advice, ask him for the grace to understand his plans for us. We always do this, being strengthened by the Eucharist, which is the greatest sign of his love for man. We can be sure that it will be easy for us to make decisions and discern where the real good is. In Jesus' teaching there is future for everyone. He came to save us. Let us use the gifts he brought because our salvation is in them.

"Niedziela" 37/2005

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