Lucas – a friend of the saint little shepherds


During a meeting with the editor-in-chief Lidia Dudkiewicz in the editorial office of ‘Niedziela’, guests were being accompanied by: Fr. Henryk Ślusarczyk – a monk from the Society of the Divine Word, Fr. Marek Maciążek – a custodian of the sanctuary of Fatima Children in Szczecin and Fr. Piotr Nowosielski – an editor of ‘Niedziela Legnicka’.

In the TV studio of ‘Niedziela’ guests were telling their stories about the events from March 2013 when Lucas as a 5-year-old boy fell out through a window while he was playing, from the height of 6 m and hit the ground with his head. He had a cracked skull and damaged brain. The boy is alive thanks to the miracle of healing through intercession of the saint little shepherds Francis and Hiacynta.

Asked about his first stay in our country Lucas said that ‘in Poland it is very good’ and he enjoyed being here, and he added: - For my Mary is the One who takes care of all people.

Healing of Lucas gave a lot of joy to his whole family. – I felt very happy when my brother was healed. I was also full of gratefulness – said Eduarda, a sister of the healed boy.

When that accident of my son happened, at first I felt a deep emptiness. It was a very difficult situation. When he was healed, I felt a great joy and gratefulness. There appeared much more prayer to the saint little shepherds Francis and Hiacynta – said his mum Lucila Turie.- At the first moment after the accident s. Teresa, a Carmelite nun, asked the saint little shepherds in a prayer. And since that moment this prayer has been taking place.

When Joao Batista, a father of Lucas, mentioned those events, he could not help his emotions. – We were the first to give help to our son. I took him up into my arms and noticed that he had damaged skull. At that moment we were nearly sure that he would die. Then I gave out a loud cry. I work in health care so I know that the situation was really difficult. We were helping our son then. During the operation we were praying to God – he emphasized. Guests from Brazil were also full of gratefulness when sharing their memories about the stay in Fatima. – Last year we were there at the ceremonies of the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady in Fatima and it was an occasion to thank the saint little shepherds Francis and Hiacynta for that miracle – said the boy’s dad. Joao Batista also noted that ‘it is very interesting that Our Lady chooses just the children so that they would be those who bring the Good News and for whose intercession one can ask God for healing’. – And straightness of the children, such a straightforwardness in faith, prayer and passing over everything to others, what God revealed to them, gives a great strength to this message – he noted.

Healed Lucas told everybody about his spiritual friendship with the saint Children of Fatima. – Between me and St. Francis and St. Hiacynta there is a very strong relationship. And, first of all, I thank them for everything – he said. Also Eduarda has the relation of friendship with the Little Shepherds: - this relationship is very intimate, in our hearts. We are simply talking to them at a prayer. Lucas and his parents and sister were praying to the Miraculous Image of Our Lady at Jasna Góra during the Holy Mass and at the Jasna Góra Appeal Prayer. The Brazilian family with the healed boy arrived at Poland to an invitation of Fr. Marcin Maciążek, a custodian of the Sanctuary of Fatima Children in Szczecin, which is just celebrating the first anniversary of its existence.

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

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