Fr. Ireneusz Skubiś, The Honourable Editor-in-Chief of ‘Niedziela’

Europe is the home of the world’s civilization. Basing on Jesus’ teaching, here excellent universities were established, humanistic and technical thought has been developed, here civilization of love and universal development were built. Today Europe has been in crisis. Its basis seems to be departing from God, rebelling to His commandments which led to destruction of the Europeans’ morality and is leading to the catastrophe of the whole humankind. Being aware of it, we are certain that it is necessary to take care of returning to the Gospel in Europe as soon as possible and live by faith. We often look for better means for our actions and we are often dependent on those who have money. But I think that we must look for these means in our heart and mind.

So, what must do an ordinary priest, a parish priest to whom people come asking for help? Well, first of all, he should be a father for them, a spiritual guide and a friend. His kneeler should be warmed-up from his knees, and there should be crowds of believers queuing to a confessional. We should remember that a parish community is created during the Holy Mass. So, here it is necessary to pray at various difficult moments: when our brothers and sisters are suffering, when somebody does not cope with difficulties in his everyday life, and it is also necessary to thank God for His everyday gifts. This is the basic duty for a priest: be for people, understand families, understand a man. Like Christ. It is also necessary to enjoy every moment with them, as building the good is connected with joy.

It would also be great if took a better care of liturgy, so that people would understand better what happens on the altar. Here a valuable thing is also Catholic press, about which priests should take care. A Catholic weekly provides us with topics for analysis and discussions for the whole week and creates a Christian atmosphere in a family, where vocations for consecration life may appear.

The ‘Europa Christi’ movement wants to inspire life with faith in various ways, suggesting various forms of religious engagement – among the others, through ‘Europa Christi’ clubs in our parishes where there is going to appear modern Christian reflection. They are going to create spirituality which is not competitive for anybody but will contribute to develop Christian civilization in Europe.

May St. John Paul II, who is an example of a man of an act and a man of great prayer and reflection, be a patron of not only the International Congress of the ‘Europa Christi’ movement 2018, but also our everyday struggles in a fight for Christ in our life.

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 33/2018 (19 VIII 2018)

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