MPs against #Stop-Abortion


Members of the commission opposed to proceeding on this bill draft nearly unanimously, whose aim is to introduce a prohibition of eugenic abortion and removing a regulation from the binding law, which allows for killing unborn children because of a suspected illness or disability. One person was voting for extending the agenda of the debates – the aforementioned MP Jan Klawiter.

In the beginning of the debate, the objection to this request was submitted by an MP Monika Rosa from the .Nowoczesna party. It turned out that her request was practically supported by the coalition of the .Nowoczesna party, the Civilian Platform and the Law and Justice party.

They ignored citizens’ vote

The chairperson of the commission Bożena Borys-Szopa explained: - The fact that the bill draft has not undergone any debates yet does not mean that we are not working on it. And she added: - The presidium of the commission is gathering various opinions and when it receives them, the bill draft will certainly undergo debates, due to a decision of the respectable staff of the commission. An MP Robert Winnicki noted that such opinions can be gathered endlessly. He was postulating for setting a date when the aforementioned opinions would be submitted. – What you said is another sign of putting off the work on this bill draft and political cowardice – he said.

Whereas Kaja Godek from the Foundation Life and Family said in an interview with journalists that the ‘commission ignored the vote of nearly a million Poles’. She also said: ‘- Those MPs who are opposing today against guaranteeing disabled children the right for life, were also opposing to nearly a million voters.

In her opinion, ‘citizens who devoted three month – weekends and their whole free time – for collecting signatures on the bill draft, will not vote for such people’. She added, that these are particular politicians, not impersonal body who are inhibiting the work on this bill draft.

Kaja Godek emphasized that no opinions are needed for proceeding this bill draft Stop-Abortion. And she stated: - I am asking a short and simple question to people who suggest gathering some opinions: What opinions do you need to stop killing people?

Elimination of ‘imperfect’ Poles

Over 830 thousand citizens gave their signatures under the civilian bill draft #Stop-Abortion. It was positively evaluated by the Seym Commission of Justice and Human Rights on 19 March this year, and before that, in January it also got an opinion from the Office of Seym Analysis. As the representatives of the Foundation Life and Family emphasize, the further proceeding of the bill draft does not need any extra opinions, but it is not justified to appoint a sub-commission for this bill draft. As ‘Niedziela’ found out unofficially, the plans include appointing this sub-commission whose work will delay enacting the prohibition of eugenic abortion.

On the website of the Foundation Life and Family an open letter of media representatives was published, in which they call MPs for ‘immediate implementing the civilian bill ‘Stop Abortion’ which will limit the long-term wicked procedure of extermination of Poles perceived as ‘imperfect’.

Among signatories of the letter there are among the others: the editor-in-chief of the Catholic Weekly ‘NIedziela’ (‘Sunday’) Lidia Dudkiewicz, the honourable editor-in-chief of the Catholic Weekly ‘NIedziela’ (‘Sunday’) Fr. Inf. Ireneusz Skubiś and an editor responsible for the Warsaw edition of ‘Niedziela’ Artus Stelmasiak.

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 16/2018 (22 IV 2018)

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