I am always surprised how insolently media and politicians of opposition tell us about the situation of today’s governing camp and how often they use such words as: ‘catastrophe’, ‘collapse’, ‘trap’. When we reach to their past articles, interviews and statements, we find out that the defeat of Kaczyński’s team is literally waiting behind the corner. Implementing the program ‘Family 500+’ was to mean bankruptcy of the country in the first year of its functioning (the program has been for three years), removing Poland from the European Union had probably been decided before (as we see, relationships with Brussels have significantly improved), the governing camp of the united rightist party was to collapse ten times (whereas it has gone through a difficult operation of changing the prime minister).

The same mechanism of brutal and vulgar exaggeration was applied, when telling the world the nonsense that the loss of authority by colleagues of Mr. Tusk is the same as introducing ‘dictatorship’ and even ‘fascism’. The very position named this way of proceeding ‘totality’. Today one can see this choice of proceeding with a bare eye, how it beat confidentiality of those who lost in 2015. Behind the backstage one can hear that authors of this strategy already know that by over-sketching the image of reality, they have lost not only Poles’ trustfulness but also contact with reality. So, they are going to begin a stage of ‘rational opposition’.

However, it is not going to be easy for the opposition to get moved to new positions. Firstly, because it is impossible to regain lost confidentiality overnight, and said crazy words remain both in archives and in human memory. Secondly, because it seems that a lot of politicians of the opposition are dependent on shouting and quarreling, as they cannot do anything else and they probably prefer this style than hard work on the program which the Civic Platform, for example, still has not got.

Thirdly, because the totality supporters are facing their rival on the political arena, and are surprised by his flexibility and ability for auto-correction. This ability to change the proceeding by the Law and Justice party often brings troubles to supporters of this formation, like at the moment of calling off the popular and respected prime minister, but, generally, it is one of the most important reasons of the success of the Law and Justice party. Being adamant in defence of basic purposes, not hesitating about changing people’s posts or correcting the proceeding in the case of troubles – one can describe the principle accepted in the governing camp in this way.

As one can see, not only members of the government are in the trap but also the opposition. In this history there is an important morale. The opposition undertook a hysterical attack on the governments of the Law and Justice party, as it had thought that it would not manage to repeat the scenario of the years 2005 – 07. At that time, the extremely dishonest attacks, supported by the monopoly of biased media, broke the coalition of the prime minister Kaczyński and pushed the Law and Justice party away onto the deep opposition. During this cadency, the same method did not work. Why? Because the Law and Justice party is stronger, as there are more independent media, because Poles are different, because Schetyna does not have this destructive power which Tusk had. Anyway – one can see again, that those who dig a pit for others will be caught in it themselves.

Translation: Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 8/2018 (25 II 2018)

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