Fr. Ireneusz Skubiś, The Honourable Editor-in-Chief of ‘Niedziela’

We are shocked by what happened on the occasion of the celebration of the 73rd anniversary of liberation of the Auschwitz camp. The ambassador of Israeli Mrs. Anna Azari expressed the objection of her country towards the novelization of the Act about the National Remembrance Institute, in which historical falsification of German concentration camp undergoes criminal responsibility. Whereas this is a very important decision connected with defending a good name of Poland and Poles. For it is a long time since de-information has been spreading all over the world against our nation. It concerns, among the others, using the name ‘Polish concentration camps’. This terrible slander, showing that it was Poland which organize death camps for other nations, especially the Jews. So, caring about a suitable historical policy, a decision was taken to novelize the Act about the National Remembrance Institute. It is necessary to take care of a good name, especially when it is being slandered and denounced from many sides. Today other countries, including the EU, want to intervene I our Polish issues, and in the recent time, also the Israeli government. Doesn’t Poland have a right to be an independent country? Don’t we have a right to our sovereignty gained in a hard fight? We are not interested in resolutions of France, Germany or Israeli, but they also have a duty to respect our Polish raison d’etat.

When we are accused of cruelty of the Second World War, we must be in solidarity in passing over the historical truth to the world. We must demand respect to heroism of the Polish nation, remind others, how much blood our soldiers devoted on many frontiers of the world, emphasize Poles’ determination who risked their life in saving the Jews. We all are obliged to solidarity, regardless of what parties we belong to. This is our pass to the history of human dignity.

So, when, to our shock, today we hear how others are trying to present Poles as occupation saboteurs, this is our duty to say: we cannot allow for it! We are not without sins – like any other nation, also the Jewish nation – but we are the nation which passed its exam in its heroism. As the occupational time was the time of great heroes -we worship among the others 108 Beatified Martyrs of the Second World War who behaved as needed in those years of harm and debasement of the man.

We all should be servants of the truth, we must not fight against one another, when it is necessary to defend the truth about our nation. In the situation when so many people I various countries of the world are slandering our good name, we must be together. And I cordially ask all of you for this famous Polish solidarity.

Translation: Aneta Amrozik

„Niedziela” 6/2018 (11 II 2018)

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