A significant majoraty of MPs supported the civilian bill draft #Stop Abortion. Moreover, the extremely leftist initiative legalizing abortion was rejected. However, voting in relation to feminists’ bill draft is on the verge of a political miracle

The civilian bill draft envisaging prohibition of eugenic abortion, that is, killing children because of suspected disability or illness, was supported by a significant majority, as even 277 MPs. Among them – practically the whole Law and Justice party club, a definite majority of Kukiz’15 party and the Polish People Party with 3 MPs of the Civic Platform.

This is our first little success, as the bill draft was addressed to the commission and for the second reading. However, it must be clearly said that the bill protecting life of unborn children has not been enacted yet and we have brought over 830 thousand MPs to Seym, in order to change law – said Kaja Godek, a proxy of the initiative Stop abortion of the Foundation Life and Family. – We hope that the second reading in Seym will take place quickly, like the first one after a month. We would like further steps in proceeding of our bill draft to be taken soon, and then we will be able to speak about a complete success. We have no time to waste and we must introduce prohibition of killing children very soon.

Twice more pro-life votes

The bill draft #Stop abortion is fully supported by the Polish Episcopal Conference. Therefore, on the voting day, the chairperson of the Polish Episcopal Conference made a special appeal for supporting MPs with a prayer, so that they would take on a pro-life attitude. As a result of votes against protecting disabled children was over twice less than those which were pro-life. ‘On behalf of the Polish Episcopal Conference we thank organizers of the civilian legislative initiative ‘Stop abortion’, volunteers collecting signatures, 830 thousand citizens who signed under this bill draft, and all MPs, who voting for life, supported this civilian bill draft. We hope that legal guarantees of protecting the weakest’ life will be increased soon through preventing eugenic abortion’ – bishops from the presidium of the Polish Episcopal Conference say. Now the changes project in the Act about planning family, protecting the human fetus and conditions allowing for abortion will get to the Commission of Social Policy and Family, but before that an opinion of the Justice and Human Rights Commission is recommended.

If the Speaker of Seym and leaders of the Law and Justice party wanted carry out the project through the whole legislation, in February this year the amendment of the bill could get to the Senate. So, a lot depends on the leading politicians of the governing party. – This is a very simple and short amendments draft which assumes removing one premise from the previous bill. It is not necessary to proceed on it long – said Piotr Uściński from the Law and Justice party.

Platform without conservatists

The initiative #Stop abortion, supported by the Catholic Church and Orthodox Church and all pro-life organizations, has been enacted by the majority of votes. What turned out to be more interesting was voting on the extremely leftist project called perversely ‘Let’s save women’. Feminists were hoping for lots of support from the opposition, particularly the Civic Platform and the Modern. Parties.

The Bill draft allowing for abortion was supported by over 50 politicians of the Law and Justice party but did not gain all votes of the Civic Platform party and the Modern. Party. It turned out that a lot of politicians of the opposition clubs resigned from voting for abortion. 29 members of the Civic Platform and 10 members of the Modern party were absent, and the bill was rejected only by 8 votes, so 4 MPs of the opposition were enough to submit this dangerous bill draft to be worked on in the commission. As a result, the whole wave of leftist-liberal criticism poured out onto politicians from these political parties, who had used to be frequent guests of leftist- feminist protests. – It proves that despite party discipline, politicians are trying to behave in a human way – said Kaja Godek.

Voting resulted in fines for half of MPs from the Modern club, but the hardest repressions were faced up by three MPs of the Civic Platform party, who rejected the leftist bill draft and supported the initiative #Stop abortion. – Dismissing politicians from the party, who always voted for life is the sign that the Platform took on a strong direction to the left. There is no place for people of traditional, conservative and Christian opinions – emphasized an MP Uściński.

A political miracle

During voting on the leftist bill draft there was a lot of chaos. The edxtremely dangerous bill was hardly submitted to the commission which would have become a political power for the leftist groups. From the political point of view everything was right, as feminists are expressing their strongest arguments to the total opposition, and the Law and Justice party is even praised for supporting their act partially. – So, this situation on the verge of a political miracle, as the bill draft protecting life was enacted, but criticism is based on the opposition – noted Piotr Uściński.

During voting literally everything might have happened. And the final effect is surely thanks to prayers of believers, who were asked by the Episcopate for spiritual support. But we must also remember about 84 contemplative cloisters which are the most beautiful weapon of Church. Over 1.3. thousand nuns were praying on 10 January 2018 for MPs, when they were deciding on life and death of our Polish children. So, we should particularly thank nuns for their support. – It was a political miracle and if it not had been for the spiritual support, it would not have been possible – says Piotr Uściński.

Translation: Aneta Amrozik

„Niedziela” 3/2018 (21 I 2018)

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