Fr. Ireneusz Skubiś, The Honourable Editor-in-Chief of ‘Niedziela’

In Poland there is a fight for human life. The man begins to life at the moment of conception. Medicine and science tell us that the conceived human fetus has its pedigree surname, its rights, among the others, the heritage ones, and, mainly, its identity. It has genetic code and everything which is necessary to live. It only needs time to develop. This time is given to him by his mother under whose heart the baby grows.

People often get succumb to various mottos, which want to blur the basic meaning of the truth about the man. We hear that some female MPs are shouting out the mottos: ‘Let’s save women!’ but forget about life of a conceived defenceless baby.

It is necessary to remind that the issue of care about life of the unborn belongs to the most important issues. If people in the majesty of law kill people, it is tragic. The man cannot arbitrarily decide about life of another person. Even the mother or father, who conceived a new life, do not have any power over it. So, if the commit elimination of a child, they are simply murderers. Every authority is obliged to take actions according to morality. For a Christian there is the law of Decalogue and its commandment: ‘Do not kill!’

What has happened in our parliament in the recent time? Three MPs of the Civic Platform party voted against the act being liberalization of killing the unborn. The authorities of the Civic Platform party removed them from the party for it. So, the Catholics should not vote for the Civic Platform party in the future, as this is a non-Christian party. Similarly one can say about other political parties behaving so. One cannot treat human life as a political tender.

Voting for life or against life is the litmus test of the catholic awareness of a politician. For the Decalogue is supported by God’s will. If somebody pronounces the words when paying a ministerial vow: ‘God, you will help me!’ – it obliges him for something. So, why did some Catholic politicians behave ambiguously during voting about life, so that the bill draft supporting abortion could be accepted for the further proceeding? If some MPs from other political groups did not have a proper moral attitude, the situation for the Christian option might be difficult….

We cordially thank all MPs from other political parties for supporting the bill draft #ZatrzymajAborcję (‘Stop abortion’). We congratulate them on their intransigence and courage.

Translation: Aneta Amrozik

„Niedziela” 3/2018 (21 I 2018)

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