Fr. Ireneusz Skubiś, Moderator of the ‘Europa Christi’ movement

The day of 11 November has been a festive day for years. This is the anniversary of our return to the independent existence of our country. Poland which had not existed on the map of Europe for 123 years, partitioned by invaders, tormented by injustice and dishonest governments – did not get succumbed, but is alive. Therefore no wonder that it celebrates its day. Next year we will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of independence. The March of Independence is an important manifestation. It says that it is necessary to raise oneself from every fall and move forward, march. There will be no good future without it. Our celebrating 11 November is a great enlivening for the whole nation. Not long time ago was this day succumbed to some strange inhibitions. Thanks God that a new government and new people have appeared who love Poland, reach for history and see its rooting. Today the opposition often label them as nationalists and in foreign media there is appearing information slandering the nation, accusing us of xenophobia and lack of a broader look at the reality. However, also people of the West love their countries, and nobody is accusing them. We quickly forget that we are obliged to be in solidarity with one another, especially when others are invading us and destroying our good reputation to the world. We should keep together and support one another especially now.

Poland is a normal country enjoying its freedom today, also the religious one. Let’s have a look what is happening in France, in Germany where the freedom of speech is restricted where there is an ideological pressure, and even violence, caused by atheists and freemasons, whose aim is creating abnormal Europe. Whereas the roots of Europe are the roots of freedom – the Christian ones. Christianity does not use violence. Certainly, as everywhere, there might be abuse but abnormality in Europe would be freedom and respecting of human rights. All this comes from the Gospel, from the teaching of Jesus Christ and the truth, which is the beginning of inner independence.

So, our March of Independence is very necessary. We are going in the march of truth and values thanks to which we have achieved independence, which – as we can see particularly after the last two years of governing – are bringing successes to us. Hence, some important ventures are so valuable, like the last congress of the ‘Europa Christi’ movement, which was a deep reflection on this issue. This is also our great success. Our Polish celebrating the Day of Independence is also an appeal to Europe: ‘Open the door to Christ!’, that is, open up to the value of truth, sincerity, solidarity and love – normality.


„Niedziela” 48/2018

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