LIDIA DUDKIEWICZ: - On the pastoral map of the Church in Poland there appeared an important point: ‘Europa Christi’ movement. Is it possible to characterize its activity yet? FR.INF.IRENEUSZ SKUBIŚ: - It is known from various media publications, the ‘Europa Christi’ movement has been functioning for nearly half a year. Its purpose is encouraging European elites, especially the catholic ones, to perceive the fact clearly that Europe has Christian roots. For, we are upset to observe a kind of blindness of the Europeans to the issues of faith and Christian culture. A small leftist and atheistic group is aggressively introducing ideas contradictory with Christianity into the European thought. Therefore the ‘Europa Christi’ movement is calling: Catholics, Christians of Europe, let’s count us up! There are millions of us. We should want to be in solidarity! Together we can be a great force. We can prevent the wave of neo-paganism, atheistic ideology, hostile to the principles of faith and Decalogue.
Our movement has got the potential of prominent philosophers, and its idea is supporting activity of Christian groups in Europe. We would like the suggested topics would interest as many people as possible. Europe is multilingual, it is not enough to reach its inhabitants via two, three languages. We can also use modern electronic media, thanks to which we will be able to register the common European thought, considering Christian roots of Europe. We are building the ‘Europa Christi’ portal together. In Europe there are Poles who left the country in search of work. They work in various professions. They can become missionaries of Christian faith and culture on the Old Continent. We can reach to the Europeans with their help.
Dear Readers of ‘Niedziela’, please, feel welcome to build the ‘Europa Christi’ movement on the European continent – or maybe all over the world. We cordially invite also Polish priests working on various pastoral areas – please, undertake cooperation with us and raise our compatriots to the missionary engagement.

What are the purposes of this prayer and intellectual mobilization of the Christians?

The ‘Europa Christi’ movement, which appeared in Poland, at the feet of Jasna Góra, has ambitions to reach all parts of Europe. Its purpose is aiming at restoring Christian character of the Old Continent, and awareness of its roots in Christianity among inhabitants of Europe. ‘Europa Christi’ – Europe of Christ is the second name of our continent. Not: Europe of Mahomet, Marx or Engels, or another one, but just - of Christ, rooted in Greek philosophy and Roman law, but full of Gospel teaching which is seen in its widely understood culture, with rich architecture and sacral art, with heroes and saints, with a way of thinking and life, with great literature and poetry, as well as theological treaties, with universities – centres of studying being the source of modernity and civilisational achievements of the whole globe. Divine spark has gone through Rome of catacombs of martyrs and temples to the whole world. ‘Going, teach all nations’ (see Mt. 28.19). This command of Christ was heard on European continent the most, and thanks to missionaries and great Europeans it reached the furthest parts of the world. Europe which has become a melting pot of many nations, is experiencing the crisis of its Christian faith. So, we must realize the fact that there a lot of us, the Christians, that through civilisational conditions creating pagan, neo-marxist, liberal philosophy, depriving the man of the supreme values, we have got succumbed to secularism but it does not mean that we are to negate our own ideals. Hence, today a great appeal is flowing from Poland, called ‘antemurale christianitatis’ for ages – prelude of Christianity, to Poles who worship Christ’s Mother as the Queen of Poland at Jasna Góra, and also to other nations worshipping Jesus and Mary, so that they would realize that we all belong to Christ. The appeal is flowing to Christians and Christian organizations, the elderly, the young and children, as well as people of good will aren invited to join the ‘Europa Christi’ movement. Europe must enliven its Christian awareness anew, and its roots must shoot its new shrouds. Europe can become great and blooming anew and only Jesus Christ, His Blessed Mother, as well as saint believers and martyrs can help it in achieving it.

Surely it is necessary to remind the Europeans of prominent creators of united Europe, people who are fervent believers, and even candidates for beatification….

We have already made the first step together with a daughter of one of the creators of united Europe – Maria Romana de Gasperi and great contemporary Christian Europeans. In 2016 at Jasna Góra we were praying for beatification of the God’s servants Acide de Gasperi and Robert Schuman. For today, when reform of the European Union is being postulated, there must appear Christian fundament, on which the great founders wanted to build the Old Continent.

Europe is rich with particular places of grace which are sanctuaries and monasteries. Will the ‘Europa Christi’ movement reach there?

In the name of God we are starting the great European action concerning not so much European politics but culture which is based on Christianity and wants to build Christian Europe. The Gospel is the best connection for all nations. We invite all sanctuaries of Europe to join the ‘Europa Christi’ movement, and we ask monasteries for prayer to God in the intention of the Europeans’ return to Christian roots. Let sanctuaries and monasteries become lighthouses which will indicate Europe ideologically unstable on rough waves today which roads to take to return to Christ.

An important event is going to be the Congress of the ‘Europa Christi’ movement. What can we say about its idea?

On 19-23 October 2017 there is going to be the Second International Congress of the ‘Europa Christi’ movement under the motto: ‘Open the door to Christ!’. The Congress is begun on 19 October with the Jasna Góra Appeal Prayer in the Chapel of the Miraculous Image which will be presided over by archbishop Wacław Depo. Meetings related to the Congress are planned in Częstochowa and then in Łódź and in Warsaw. The leading motto of the first session (20 October in Częstochowa) will be a call of St. John Paul II – ‘Totus Tuus’. The second session (21 October in Łódź) will be held under the motto: ‘A Christian between economy and culture. Sources of hope a fruit of harmonious care about a garden of European values’. The third session (22 October at University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński in Warsaw) is going to have a debate entitled: ‘Memory and identity. Europa Christi – in Christian or post-Christian Europe’. The fourth session (also at University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński in Warsaw) is going to discuss the topic: ‘At the European table of values: Memory and Identity – sources of hope’. The fifth session (23 October in the Senate of the Third Republic of Poland) is going to be under the motto: ‘Polonia antemurale christianitatis’. The sixth session (in the Porczyński Gallery) has the words as the leading thought: ‘In care about cultural identity of Europe’. Our reflection will surely contribute to developing the motto: ‘Open the door to Christ!’. The Congress will end with the Appeal Prayer for including St. John Paul II into the group of patrons of Europe.


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