On 30 January this year, on the training ground Karlika, Polish-American military trainings were inaugurated. Sub-divisions from 11th Division of Armored Cavalry and 3rd Armored Brigade of Military Group from 4th Infantry Division, which had arrived in Poland from Fort Carson in Colorado State, participated in it.

On the military shooting range of tanks Karliki in Żagań, the first common Polish-American shots were given from tanks Loepard 2A5 and M1 Abrams. The inauguration of allies’ trainings under the motto ‘Atlantic Resolve’ and as response ‘Operation Poland’ were observed by the Polish president Andrzej Duda, the national defence minister Antoni Macierewicz, an ambassador of the USA in Poland Paul Wayne Jones, a commander of land armies of the USA in Europe, gen. of weapons Ben Hodges and the deputy of the USA armies commander in Europe gen. of weapon Timothy Ray. The Polish president Andrzej Duda arrived in Żagoń to greet guests and allies from the USA army. – Today our allies arrived, who are the symbol of freedom and order in the world, and, first of all, of safety; allies whom we had invited and for whom we had been waiting – said the superior of the Polish Military Forces.

As the representatives of the nation, as the representatives of Poles, of great military tradition of the Polish army, we are joyful to greet our American allies, believing that this moment is historic because there appears a change of paradigms in our part of Europe and the world.

It means that this space of allies’ safety was, indeed, spread onto Poland in its complete meaning – continued the president.

Also the national defence minister spoke to soldiers gathered on the training ground. – Today we are together – American and Polish armies – arm by arm, sure that we will cope with any kind of danger, that there is no such an opponent who would be able to confront with this excellent great force which came to us from the West today, together with American forces – said Antoni Macierewicz. The ambassador Jones was the first one among the Americans who spoke, emphasizing that the whole American armored brigade is already in Poland – equipment has already been transported, soldiers are ready to be deployed. He added that during only 2 months in Poland new NATO forces would be deployed and in April in Orzysz, in northern east of the country, a battalion, consisting of about 800 American soldiers, would begin its action, within the Polish 15th Mechanized Brigade. Whereas, Gen. Hodges stated that the American Armored brigade is the first physical manifestation of support and permanent commitment undertaken by the United States towards Poland and the North-Atlantic Alliance.

After the end of the official part, president Duda and invited guests were observing cooperation of the Polish and American motorized, mechanized teams and sub-divisions on training grounds.


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