Will Poland get subordinated to the political and ideological dictate?

Enacted budget for the year 2017 shows that we are going to have a good year: economy growth – 3.6 per cent, budget deficit – 2.9 per cen. The national gross product and inflation – 1.3 per cent. More particularly speaking, the state income amounts to 324.1 billion zlotys, expenditures – 383.4 billion zlotys, and the national deficit is to be not higher than 59.3 billion zlotys. When speaking about the philosophy of this budget, the prime minister Beata Szydło pointed to its two pillars: the inner one – pro-family policy, and the outer one - safety. The inner pillar is mainly 40 billion zlotys as a form of investment in the human and his development. It includes 23 billion zlotys for a program ‘Family 500+’ and also 17 billion zlotys for other projects of supporting families, including ‘Flat+’ but also municipal and social housing by local governments. There are also loans in the budget sphere for teachers, police officers, uniformed services or nurses.

The second pillar is safety, that is, 37.5 billion zlotys for defence: we know how uncertain situation is on the international arena, so, we cannot scrimp on arming or a good army. Is we add milliards of zlotys to it, for health, education, pensions…..somebody will be right to ask if there will be money for this all.

Most money will be from tax changes, and directly writing – from raising efficiency of the apparatus of tax collection. Tens of milliard zlotys are taken from Poland by foreign banks and corporations, another amount like that – by the international criminal groups. Moreover, the government hopes for freeing economy, development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Acts for this purpose are gradually appearing.

The opposition says that this is propaganda budget, based on imagined figures, that tax revenues got inflated, that the pace of economic growth will be much lower…

We know that enacting this budget was done in the atmosphere of brawls in the Seym, and the pretext was an alleged intention of restricting journalistic work. The intention of the marshal was only arranging their work, as somebody summarized it in a good way: hordes of journalists in the Seym remind more a camp of refugees at Calais than serious parliamentary reporters.

And seriously writing, the opposition had planned everything earlier, expecting much more serious incidents – with using violence, incidents with police or maybe bloodshed. It was to be ‘a night shift 2’, carried out with the hands of the security officers feeling endangered by the anti-security office act, decreasing their pensions. But it is not only them who are rebelling.

The Law and Justice party attacked other mafia systems, exactly the joint of politics and business; for example, fuel law completely reduces criminal procedure of trading fuel without excise duty. Everyday criminal groups are broken, illegal businesses are uncovered in courts and prosecutors’ offices, with re-privatization….not mentioning the Commission for Amber Gold which shows millions of Poles what pathologies are ruining our country, what dishonest things were made during the rule of Tusk.

Criminals think that this government should not survive. Therefore, defence of the Tribunal, democracy, free media, freedom of speech, independence of judges appeared‘ as a substitute’…We must not get crazy, it is all about Poland, so defenders of the old order will radicalize atmosphere, escalate riots, provoke, so that the government would stumble and it would be possible to cause accelerated parliamentary election and make the old order return.

Moreover, it is all about Catholic Poland. It will not be exaggerated to say that anonymous foreign centres which are trying to make Poland subordinated to them, have been using our economic, social and demographic potential for years. Native cosmopolitans are cooperating with these centres, helping in denationalization of Poles, and also depriving them of legal, national and political subjectivity. Having our own constitution, parliament and government, being allegedly sovereign country, we must adjust every legal act to the EU law, report on expenditure of every zloty given to support native economy.

Will Poland get subordinated to the political and ideological dictate? If it does like those who want to govern the world, we will be deprived of morality and laws of conscience, and, instead, we will get the so-called progressive civilization, the so-called European basic rights, being only the opposition towards God – the Creator, a revolt towards God’s law. It is also to be a reason to overthrow the government of the Law and Justice party.


„Niedziela” 01/2017

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