Agata Kornhauser-Duda organized a meeting on the occasion of the World Day of Premature Children. The meeting at the Presidential Palace was attended by families which bring up pre-mature children, prominent neonatologists, specialists of lactation, experts for women’s milk bank.

I am very glad that the youngest citizens of the Polish Republic are the most important people in the president’s headquarter. Today the Presidential Palace is going to be illuminated in purple as a sign of solidarity with premature babies and their families – Agata Kornhauser-Duda emphasized.

For several months of her holding the post at the office of the Polish President, the First Lady often had an occasion to visit maternity wards and meet with parents of premature babies. – Every time what is impressive is the atmosphere which is in wards where babies are fighting for life with the help of parents and doctors. These are moments of silence, emotions, words said in whisper, or fairy tales read aloud. But, first of all, these are hope and faith that they will manage to save life of a new-born baby – the First Lady said.

The meeting under the motto ‘Mothers’ milk as an element of feeding therapy for premature babies’ – was organized with cooperation of the Foundation Bank of Women’s Milk and Coalition for Premature Babies. Studies prove that women’s milk is the best food for healthy premature babies. It is also a natural treatment means – said Agata Kornhauser-Duda. – Those mums who do not still have milk because of their premature births, receive help from the bank of women’s milk.

The visit at the Presidential Palace was an occasion to exchange family experiences but also to admire development of children who had been premature. One of the songs was sung by Sisters Szymkiewicz, quintuplets, who had been born in the 26th week of pregnancy. The smallest of them weighed only 570 grams after birth. A parent who was never afraid of her child’s life, does not know what fear means. Therefore all parents of premature babies are real heroes -said Dorota Łosiewicz, who was conducting the meeting.


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