This year’s Day of Independence was unusual. After 225 years the first Eucharist in the intention of Homeland was celebrated in the church of Divine Providence in Warsaw

It was a historic moment. On the one side of the altar there were the most important hierarchs in the Polish Church, and on the other one – the nation with its supreme authorities at the helm. There were: the presidential pair, the prime minister, marshals and most ministers. – We have been waiting for this moment for 225 years, because so much time has passed since the promise of the church votive which had been made by the king and creators of the Constitution of 3 May – said cardinal Kazimierz Nycz. – I thank my predecessor cardinal Józef Glemp. It is a pity that he did not live till the moment of opening the Church – he added.

On that day in Wilanów over 10 thousand people were praying, and priests gave Communion to 7.5 thousand of them. It was a particular day for donors from whole Poland who have been supporting building works of the Church of Divine Providence for years. The Eucharist was an occasion for a prayer in the intention of Homeland, and also everybody who had supported the idea of building the national votive. – The Primate of Poland cardinal Józef Glemp made an important and sometimes unappreciated decision of complementing the votive of the nation. It was him who was warning the nation against making unfulfilled promises – archbishop Stanisław Gądecki reminded during the homily. The chairperson of the Episcopate particularly thanked the Metropolitan of Warsaw. – Building works began in 2002 but after various breaks they were undertaken again due to the brave decision of cardinal Kazimierz Nycz present here in 2008. Thanks to him today we are participating in finishing the first phase of building this national votive of gratitude – emphasized archbishop Gądecki.

In the evening over 5 thousand people listened to the premiere concert ‘Covenant’ which Michał Lorenc had written specially for that occasion. His performance, with participation of over 100 musicians, was accompanied by dynamic illumination of the inside of the church and a gigantic multimedia presentation shown on the altar wall. Matching beautiful sacral music with unusual scenery made the concert very spectacular which was breathtaking.

In the opinion of the Primate of Poland archbishop Wojciech Polak, opening the church on 11 November was a sign of particular grace. – Today’s ceremony is thanksgiving for solidarity bond of generations whose visible sign is the votive of our nation, a moral duty of the current generation of Poles enjoying freedom. The prayer in the Church of Divine Providence will make Poles more courageous, responsible and creative in realizing the gift of freedom for which the past generations of compatriots paid a high price – archbishop Polak emphasized.


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