The first social campaign of LGBT groups in Poland, which representatives of catholic groups from the so-called open Catholicism sign joined, has begun under the motto ‘Let’s pass the sign of peace to each other’. Organizers assure that the purpose of the campaign is not submitting political or doctrinal postulates, but making a dialogue. However, the campaign’ s purpose is promoting homosexual attitudes. Two hands passing the sign of peace to each other, in one of them there is a rosary, and on another one there is a rainbow band – symbol of belonging to the LGBT group – are the content of banners accompanying the campaign.

Here we publish the attitude of cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz towards this campaign.

In relation to the begun campaign ‘Let’s pass the sign of peace to each other’ I feel obliged to remind you about the teaching of the Catholic Church on homosexuality as it is shown in a blurred or manipulated way. As for homosexuality, the Catholic Church is patient and merciful with sinners, but it is also clear and intransigent towards the sin. Bringing up its believers to respect everybody, it clearly teaches that it can never lead to the approval of homosexual acts or legalization of single-sex relationships. This moral truth which is included in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (see no. 2357-2359) and in teachings of popes, obliges every Catholic person in his conscience.

Unfortunately, it is clearly seen that the campaign which refers to Christian teaching, aims not only at promoting respect to homosexuals but also approving of homosexual acts and single-sex relationships as morally good. I regret to say that also some catholic groups joined the activity of falsifying the unchangeable teaching of the Church, and whose publications and statements have gone away from the Magisterium. Referring selectively to statements of Pope Francis, there is silence about those in which the Holy Father explains that as for the issue of homosexuality, ‘he only repeats the teaching included in the catechism’ (an interview with Antonio Spadaro).

I am afraid that this deliberate action aims at blurring memory about the great good of the World Youth Days which was done in Cracow and all over Poland. It is connected with values coming from the Gospel and which are a particular and demanding moral offer for every generation.


„Niedziela” 38/2016

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