Another successor of St. Peter – pope Francis, points to Mary from Jasna Góra and Her closeness to us. Under Her eye-look one can understand the spiritual sense of pilgrimages of this nation whose history is inseparably connected with Christ’s Cross. Here one palpably touches faith of the holy faithful people of God, who guards hope through trials.

Time from 8 September 2016 to 8 September 2017 is the jubilee year of the 300th anniversary of coronation of the Miraculous Image of Our Lady with papal crowns. It took place in 1717. The crowns had been sent by pope Clemens XI. It was the first such an event outside Rome in the world. We want to celebrate this great jubilee. Today we want to coronate Mary not with gold crowns, but our evangelic life! St. Ireneusz used to say: ‘God’s glory is an alive man’. And to make it happen, we need to convert. Therefore we want to deposit our spiritual gifts to Mary – they show the best, whether Mary reigns in our life.

We want to encourage everybody for the new coronation of Mary through coronation of Her with our efforts for conversion. We will start it on 8 September 2016 so as to collect spiritual gifts for Mary throughout the whole year, which will contribute to the change of our life. The action will consist of the following parts: Let Mary meet you and give her your spiritual gift. We will ask everybody who love Mary to send their photos to Jasna Góra, with a spiritual gift written on the reversed side.

Take Mary your home. In response to the spiritual gift, we will send the image of Our Lady of Jasna Góra (of A4 size), so that everybody could invite Her personally to his life.

A diamond from the crown. Catch a contact with Mary. It will be an application for a smartphone through which at the time of the Jasna Góra Appeal you will receive Mary’s everyday thought. It will help you come closer to Mary. In response to it, you will be able to give Mary your spiritual gift.

Achieve a new continent for Mary. We will also suggest creating Mary’s mosaic from the photos sent online with spiritual gifts. We, Poles, want tobe the image of Mary! We will inform you about the details of the Alive Crown of Mary in other editions of ‘Sunday’.

Cardinal Franciszek Macharski once said: ‘ We all live to be diamonds, although God knows better than us, how many cracks, scars and coal are in us which must be ground’.

Be a diamond in the Crown of Mary!


„Niedziela” 33/2016

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