Today are nation is united by the Catholic religion. Everyone should realize the fact that who attacks it, breaks the unity.

First a successful summit meeting of NATO in Warsaw, securing our eastern flank. The eyes of the whole world were turn to Poland. Next, the main event - the visit of pope Francis during the World Youth Days in Częstochowa and Kraków. Soon, after that, solemn ceremonies in Warsaw on the occasion of another anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. The Polish society was overwhelmed by exalted mood. We simply wanted to be together. One could notice a real spirit of the national unity. But not the facade one from the communist times. Moreover, it is not important to calculate whether the Pope’s visit gathered hundred thousand , one or two million believers or statistic calculations of thousands of patriots gathered on 1 August at the Grave of the Unknown Soldier on the square of the Marshal Józef Piłsudski in Warsaw. Millions of compatriots were watching those events on TV, listened radio transmissions, participating in them in real. National and papal flags were hung out. Pope, bishops, priests, nuns, president with his wife, the prime minister, ministers and, finally, ordinary citizens, that is, people living in Poland, and a lot of newcomers. It had not been for a long time. Certainly, it made a lot of people happy but not everybody. It was particularly inconvenient for those who had thought to be an undying oracle and conscience of the nation.

Here I mean the group of the previous Union of Freedom and the ‘Electoral Newspaper’ changed into the so-called Committee of Democracy Defence, the Modern party with the dot, or called so and so. During the National Day, on the occasion of the meeting with Pope, the group was leading a continuous protest outside the Office of the Chairman of the Ministers’ Council . it attracted three….or maybe six people. Nobody would have paid attention to it, if it had not been for TVP, that is, the public TV. Sorry for pseudo-protesters - ‘regime TV’. How nice it was to watch them! Or listen to their screaming. The authorities of the ‘Newspaper’, being the ‘mainstream’ for a short time, dictating their thinking trends, appointing their authorities, publicizing problems of Church with eagerness, often making them out and raising rebel in others, are rolling down into niche.

And this is due to the lack of credibility, low level of information and its boredom. In my opinion, the quoted group is rolling down not only because of the ordinary boredom, but, first of all, the lack of sense of unity with the nation. And maybe, all this is not about wrong understanding its will, but its neglect. And our nation has been united by the Catholic religion for ages. Everyone should realize the fact that who attacks it, breaks the unity.


„Niedziela” 33/2016

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