I fell over in Częstochowa because I had my eyes fixed at Our Lady and I had known about kindness of Poles since my childhood – said the Holy Father during a talk with journalists on his way back from Cracow to Rome

One of journalists’ questions concerned the fall of the Holy Father on 28 July during his celebration of the Holy Mass at Jasna Góra. Francis said that he had had his eyes fixed at Our Lady and forgotten about a step but luckily everything ended well. Another question referred to his impressions on Central-Eastern Europe. The Holy Father noted jokingly that Poland which he had met was particular as it had fallen a victim of invasion again although it was a peace invasion of young people. Cracow enthralled him with its beauty and Poles with their enthusiasm. He emphasized that on the last day of his visit, when he was going to the airport, and despite the heavy rain, crowds of not only the young but also the elderly people were saying farewell to him. – I met Poles when I was a child, because where my father worked, also Poles arrived. They were good and I found that kindness – Pope admitted.

Media representatives were interested in the language of pope Francis, relating to sensitivity of young people, as well as methods of the Holy Father’s preparations for his pronouncements. The pope did not conceal that the first of the methods is listening to young people carefully. He sometimes has to ask them what particular expressions mean. He emphasized a necessity of a dialogue between the young and their grandparents, so that they would learn about history and there would be exchange of knowledge among generations.

Before the talk Francis reminded the sudden death of a journalist of RAI – Anna Maria Jacobini, who had served to the World Youth Days. He admitted that he had met with her sister and her nephews.


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