A few thousand people marched along the streets of Warsaw in the XI March of Life Holiness. The pro-life march was preceded by the Holy Masses in both cathedrals of the capital city. We do not defend life because the Gospel tells us it; not even because the fifth commandment tells us to. After all somebody could say that it is only a duty of the Christians - emphasized cardinal Kazimierz Nycz, the metropolitan of Warsaw during his homily. – We defend life because it is the basic value for everybody. It is a fundament of human dignity.

After a prayer in the cathedrals of Warsaw, believers met together on the Castle Square, where the pro-life picnic took place, during which diapers and other necessary things were collected for children from the house of single mothers. – The state when our Polish nation kills its children according to law, will not exist long. There are chances that abortion law will be changed soon – said prof. Bogdan Chazan, a gynecologist and the former director of the hospital of the Holy Family, who was dismissed by the president of Warsaw Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz because he had not agreed to killing children.

The professor said that now the number of abortions done in Poland is legally increasing. In his opinion it is happening so because among directors of Warsaw hospitals there is anti-effect of Chazan. – Doctors, directors of hospitals, are allegedly behaving ‘more rationally’ now. Knowing what has been done with me, they do not want to risk their loss of work. So, the increased number of abortions in Poland, is surely the result of the decision of Warsaw president two years ago – said prof. Chazan.

The colourful and family March of Life Holiness ended at the basilica of the Holy Cross. – Life defence is the act of courage, as there is no faithfulness without devotion. Each of us must be ready to pay a suitable price. Each of us, like prof. Chazan, can be exposed to mocking, taunt and other consequences. But we cannot betray the One who called us for life - said archbishop Henryk Hoser, the Ordinary of the diocese of Warsaw-Praga, who is also a doctor.


„Niedziela” 18/2016

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