The main purpose of the first official visit of Andrzej Duda to Germany, has been achieved. The president was supposed to meet chiefs of the German country and the government, make personal relations with them and create a good atmosphere for further talks

The president of Poland touched on a few difficult problems in Germany, concerning a cooperation of both countries. Moreover, unequal treating Poles in Germany, restrictions in access to learning Polish language. What results of the visit will be, time will show.

The topic of talks with the German authorities, the president Joachim Gauck and the chancellor Angela Merkel were, among the others, the forthcoming summit meeting of NATO, the situation in Ukraine and the problem of illegal immigrants and refugees. As later Andrzej Duda explained, from our point of view, 'issues of safety were the most important'.

At present, in Germany the hot issue of refugees unavoidably dominated talks of Duda with Gaudick. The German president suggested, with some remarks, understanding for the Polish attitude of a limited contribution in accepting refugees. During a meeting with journalists, Duda warned against flattening the problem. - What relates to the problem of help for refugees, is the problem of wealth of societies – he said.

Indeed, the president Duda did not want to comment on his attitude about stationing NATO armies in the Middle-East Europe, presented during meetings in Berlin, but it is basically known. - Arguments are different, but Angela Merkel understands the whole character of the situation and sees also what is happening on the Russian party and how the Russian party is behaving – he told journalists.

Andrzej Duda used his visit in Berlin to meet with Polish Diaspora. - I promise to act for the sake of the Polish Diaspora – said the president. He announced to create an office of connection with the Polish Diaspora, in the Presidential Office. The Polish party sets demands towards the Germans to realize commitments of the Polish-German treaty and offer education in Polish at schools – on the similar principle, as Poland supports education of mother tongue for the German minority. At present, it a possibility to teach Polish language is very limited in Germany.

President Duda was going to intervene to the president Gauck in the issue of teaching Polish language at German schools.- I appealed to the president Gauck to help in solving this problem – said Duda in the Embassy of the Polish Republic. Unfortunately, it is years since the Germans have been deaf to the issue of teaching Polish language, discrimination and taking away children by Jugendamt.

Little is known about the meeting of the president Duda with the chief of diplomacy Frank-Walter Steinmeier. An official announcement has not been made yet, but it can be assumed that during the meeting some important words were said. What words – the future will prove.


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