An idiot or a thief works for six thousand zlotys monthly in Poland – said the EU commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska. Her recorded news were reprinted by media in Poland. Such texts are immediately translated into English and come into circulation of EU institutions: the Parliament, Commission and Council. EU politicians and officials know very well that the average salary in Poland does not even reach to three thousand zlotys. Work for over twice higher average salary in Poland is idiotism in the opinion of our EU commissioner. So, how the Polish commissioner must be perceived in Brussels, who has been suggested for such an exposed post by Donald Tusk and the Civil Platform? Not only would the pro-governmental activists like to forget the hearing of the commissioner Bieńkowska in the European Parliament, where she appeared to be the worst of all candidates, suggested by 28 EU countries. To make the things worse, soon after the election European media spread her conflict with the subordinate directors. ‘Not to bring her harm, but to make it difficult to boast with anything in Rudniki’ –Władysław Kargul said to Kazimierz Pawlak in a famous film ‘Love or break up’. These words can undoubtedly concern also other politicians of the Civil Platform representing our country. After all, the euro-deputy elected from this party and also the vice-president of the European Parliament in Strasburg, German policemen allegedly checked even his trousers but found nothing there. Not wanting to poke the defeated and remind Japanese tricks of the ‘pro-European’ president Komorowski, I will only remind about the title of an articles concerning ‘our’ new chairperson of the European Council, in a newspaper favouring him, which sounded: ‘Weak hundred days of Tusk’. This type of trivial things are not able to discourage editors writing for this newspaper who say that the ‘Civic Platform is our national welfare’. We cannot speak here about any ‘mess-up’ perceived by social media and a big group of internet users. For the Civic Platform politicians have not always reserved this word for the opposition.


„Niedziela” 24/2015

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