The convention on which our parliamentarians are working, is real only in its name. Indeed, nobody thinking reasonably, allows for violence in a family. However, what is the essence of the document, is a patchwork of absurd statements, endangering the essence and the good of a family – every family: both the one in which there is violence, and the one which is well-functioning. The previous system in which we, Poles, used to live after the war, the communist system, was pursuing a war about faith, was trying to eradicate Divine factor from all spheres of life. This system is pursuing a fight not only against faith but also against reason…

Therefore, I appealed to president of the Polish Republic, a baptized man, to his system of values, in which he created his own family. I hope that his vote – refusing vote – will protect Polish families against destroying their core, their essence.

Below we publish a full text of an open letter of bishop Ignacy Dec to president Bronisław Komorowski, from 12 February 2015:

Mr President!

On Friday, on 6 February, the Seym of the Polish Republic, accepted an act opening a road to ratification of the Europe Council Convention about prevention and fighting violence against women and domestic violence. The ratification of this document and implementing its provisions in the family and social life is a big danger for natural and human values, mainly attacking the institution of marriage and family. It was proven by many academic and social groups feeling responsible for the future of Poland. The Polish Episcopate took a clear attitude in this issue.

Supporters of this ratification, referring to results of a social survey, must be reminded about the fact that this result concerned the very name of the document, which is very sublime and righteous, not its content which is unacceptable for reasonably-thinking people, because it shows wrong reasons of violence and suggests irrelevant means to overcome it. It was an ordinary media manipulation. Everything points to the fact that the act was accepted not as a result of substantial, reasonable evaluation, but a hidden dictate. It is impossible to consent to the statement of the convention that the source of violence against women is in a stereotypical, traditional family and in religion or in the previous culture because it is mostly in a social pathology.

Mr. President, you have often introduced yourself as a believer and practicing Catholic man. You have been Catholic since your baptism, and a supporter of a particular party for some time. Parties and governments are passing away but God’s word lasts for ages (see Ps 119,89; Is 40,8), the word which is guarded by the Church whose member you are. Mindful of the words of the first pope, St. Paul the Apostle, who said to Sanhedrin: ‘We must listen to God more than people’ (Acts of Apostles, 5.29), we ask for not signing the ratification act.

We pray for Mr. President as sons and daughters of the same Church and the same Homeland, we pray for wisdom of heart, so that President would always be on the side of the truth and real good of the Nation, which gave you the supreme office in our country.

On behalf of the Council of the Polish Episcopal Conference for Apostolate of Laymen-

+ Ignacy Dec – bishop of Świdnica, the chairperson of the Council of the Polish Episcopal Conference for Apostolate of Laymen


„Niedziela” 10/2015

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