The beginning of the campaign of two most powerful candidates for the president of the Polish Republic may have far-going results. Andrzej Duda has began his campaign on a grand scale, which cannot be said about Bronisław Komorowski

First there was a European Council Convention of the Civic Platform which gave its support through acclamation to president Bronisław Komorowski applying for reelection. And a day later – the electoral convention of the euro-deputy of the Law and Justice party Andrzej Duda. No wonder that both of them were compared. It turned out to be more than just positive for the candidate of the Law and Justice party and unsuccessful for the current president.

Duda appeared as an energetic and lively politician, and his speech was full of fervor – which cannot be said about the pronouncement of Komorowski, reading even his assurance from a sheet of paper, that he wants to be a civic candidate.

No wonder that a list of metaphors which were used on this occasion, was long. ‘Komorowski looks in comparison with Duda like Huragan Wołomin and Real Madrid’;’ Frania washing machine and a modern washing machine’; ‘unreliable TV set Wisła and a device with a curved screen of unusual screen resolution, fantastic sound quality and image and great reliability’; an old polonez car and Porsche 911’ – these are a few comparisons.

Conventions showed that Poles get a choice of two completely different visions of holding the supreme office in the country – we read on the portal wpolityce.pl. ‘Following the example of the late Lech Kaczyński, Duda is going to be not only the head of the state, but also an active national and social leader’. At the convention, support to Andrzej Duda was declared by, among the others, artists: Jerzy Zelnik, Natalia Niemen and Janusz Rewiński. Rewiński, popular ‘Siara’ said the motto: ‘Andrzej Duda, it will be a success!’.


„Niedziela” 7/2015

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