Accepting the Act by the Seym, ratifying the European Council Convention about violence against women and domestic violence means an official acceptance of gender ideology.

The title of the convention is misleading. Because who would not support the regulation counteracting violence against women? However, as pro-family organizations warn, the convention does not mean violence but introducing gender ideology and change of sexes definition.

- We will have a full promotion and coercion of introducing the Act about the same-sex relations. We will have adjustment of the Polish law and educational system to the fact that our children must be taught at school that homosexual behaviours are normal – Ewa Kowalewska from the Polish Women Forum warns.

A strong attitude towards convention ratification plans was expressed by Polish bishops three years ago. As they emphasized, the convention – although it is devoted to the problem of violence against women – is built on false assumptions, that, among the others, the source of violence are religion, tradition and culture.

In the opinion of bishops, the convention introduces the sexes definition as ‘socially constructed roles, behaviours and factors, which the society considers as suitable for women and men’, omitting natural, biological differences between a woman and a man and assumes that sexes can be chosen. Concerns is also aroused by imposing a duty of promoting among the others, ‘non-stereotypical sexes roles’, so homosexuality and trans-sexuality.


„Niedziela” 7/2015

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