A new ‘liberated’ family is constantly changeable and stops being stable, reliable strength for both members and for the society.

The minister Malgorzata Fuszara – a promoter of LGBT groups and the gender ideology in the government of the Civic Platform-Polish People’s Alliance- demands that the act about the Charter of the Large Family, which is being elaborated now, also includes partnership couples. According to prof. Fuszara and other similarly thinking people, the definition of the family should be changed, because what should be essential is the criteria of number of children brought up in a family, not the fact what biological and/or legal relations are between them and the people who bring them up.

A new definition is clearly the basis of a concept which was developed by an English sociologist Jeffrey Weeks, a pioneer of a new model of ‘a family by choice’. In such families – Weeks explains – friends are as important as relatives. We are in and outside the family according to our decision. Whereas, it means divorces, series of marriages, free couples, solitude parenthood, homosexual couples and adoptions of children by such couples, ‘an alternative lifestyle’. ‘Families by choice’ are not defined by blood relations, marital or adoption relations any more, but by various relations and common life of autonomic adults and their offspring agreeing to it. So, instead of the natural family, there appeared ‘a patchwork family’, that is family ‘patched’ from fragments of other couples and families. In this way, there appears a community consisting of current and former spouses and their common children and children of various couples, parents-in-law, brothers and sisters-in-law, a few pairs of grandparents, aunts, uncles. Fr. Mansor Labaky from Lebanon, told me a story about a Lebanon boy who wanted to commit suicide: ‘Oliver lives in a constant frustration. Once he is in one family, once in another one. There is no family relation between his step-brother from his father’s line and his step-sister from his mother’s line. Do you understand that he is a step-brother of two children who are not his brother or sister? He thinks that he is thrown from one home to another like a tennis ball and when he thinks about his past and current stepfathers, mothers, fathers, stepmothers – he is fed up with this race. And in addition it turned out that his mother and stepfather are not getting on well and talk about a divorce. If his mother gets married again, if she gives birth to her third child with his another stepfather, Oliver will have a new stepbrother who will also be a stepbrother of his stepsister. And if his stepfather gets married again, his children will be his step-brothers and step-sisters of his step-sister, not being relatives for Oiver. And when all this appears, there will be no family, but only one foggy hole in which nobody will find their identities. But if we accepted divorces in the name of freedom, then – indeed – we are looking for a solution and send our child to a psychiatrist. Then our child answers: you should go to a psychiatrist, not me! I have nothing in common with it!’.

A new ‘liberated’ family, which was presented by Fr. Labaky in a terrifying way, is constantly changeable and stops being stable, reliable strength for both members and for the society. It is worth noting that the attitude of the Employment Ministry opposes to postulations of prof. Malgorzata Fuszara, which emphasizes that ‘it is unjustified to grant rights to people in partnership to possess the Charter of the Large Family. For one should note that people being in such couples do not have any legal responsibilities towards their partners’ children.


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