FR. IRENEUSZ SKUBIŚ, The Honourable Editor-in Chief of ‘Niedziela’

A famous poem of Karol Wojtyła entitled: ‘Thinking about Homeland’ has a great significance for people appreciating their roots, heritage, history. St. John Paul II is a master in great reflection on the idea of patriotism and in realization of these works. He was strongly rooted in the Polish culture, expressed a deep honour to heroes of our Homeland and showed us in an unusual way how to implement patriotism in life. Love to Homeland, according to St. John Paul II, has nothing in common with nationalism, this is great respect for all nations, but also appreciating all this which our nation constitutes. So, when we reflect on 11 November – our Day of Independence, we should deeply penetrate into the reflection of St. John Paul II on Homeland, on its place among European nations, and also on the role of the Church in it.

We are facing elections. We cannot imagine our future without patriotism of people holding authority, without honest love to Homeland and compatriots. Poland cannot be a vain fair in which one is only looking for individual benefits and benefits of particular interest groups. Homeland cannot be traded.

So, we cannot give the authority to those who do not show love to God and their country, brothers and sisters. We must be aware of electoral media euphoria, often being an ordinary manipulation, of destructive piar and hypocrisy and we must recall rules of real patriotism, presented us by St. John Paul II, so strongly related to Christian morality. Following them will guarantee the nation a better future. If we do not betray God and a man as His image – we can always rely on God’s help and blessing. This power led our nation victoriously through sinister political systems, allowed for raising oneself after defeats, built families and a man, helped us to win Poland. The Cross, faith and Gospel are a compass for our life – but also – for every nation. Because this is only the Gospel from where the light flows and whose purpose is a real good of a man and real civilizational progress.


„Niedziela” 45/2014

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