GRZEGORZ KASZAK, Bishop of Sosnowiec

The Beloved,

Today I write to You with my heart full of pain, because I know that Your hearts have always been sensitive to needs of those who were in difficult situations. The fire engulfed our cathedral. There is no roof, and the monumental interior with unique paintings made by Włodzimierz Tetmajer and Henryk Uziembła, need thorough renovating. The cathedral in Sosnowiec is not only the mother of all churches in our diocese, but it is also a pearl of the national heritage.

I am grateful for all signs of brotherly solidarity in these difficult moments. I say with my whole heart: ‘God bless you’ for the already offered particular help.

However, I am aware how much is still needed so that the cathedral would make us glad with its beauty and become a place in which we would say our prayers to God.

Therefore, today, when the rain, snow, frost are coming, as the pastor of the Diocese of Sosnowiec, I ask all people of good will for help in saving the monumental cathedral in Sosnowiec. As much as I can, I ask for prayer, material and financial help. I ask everybody no matter what their beliefs are, to come with help in need now. Please, support this important and difficult work of rebuilding the cathedral basilica in Sosnowiec. For every form of support and every gesture of good will, I say again: ‘God bless you!’.

Let God be a prize for you.


„Niedziela” 45/2014

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