A dream from a few weeks ago became a fact. A Polish volleyball team has won the championship in the world. The attitude of Poles saved the championship match which was taking place in our country for three weeks. Encoding the transmission of the competitions were in the shadow of during the sport event. Among 103 matches in the open television, fans watched only two of them: the inauguration and the final. Poland played in both of them.

The first one was a complete novelty. Played in the National Stadium in Warsaw, and watched by over 50 thousand of fans, it showed that volleyball can have or maybe it already has as many fans as football. The winning score 3:0 for Poland in the match with Serbia showed that Poles can be significant in a turnee. And they were, collecting next scores and moving to other phases of championship.

24 teams were fighting for 3 medals. Poles overcome the best of them, like: France, Russia, Germany and favoured Brazil twice. They won with them in the final the second time – which was decoded by Polsat in the last minute, probably to the personal request of president Bronislaw Komorowski.


„Niedziela” 39/2014

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