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My Christmas

Christmas is so beautiful, colourful and first of all, it abounds in special experiences and reflections. It reminds us that the fact that happened in Bethlehem and the sequence of events connected with Jesus, the Son of God, who became man, are ones of the most important, crucial events in the history of mankind and the whole universe. Commencing from early childhood, we experience this holiday in a special way every day, and then we cherish these recollections, waiting for next Christmases; we long for the unique and solemn atmosphere of Christmas Eve, midnight Mass, carols, Christmas tree, mangers in churches, Nativity plays and carol-singers, and even Christmas cards with wishes, replaced by SMSes today. Generally, these are joyful experiences but sometimes there are also difficult and painful ones.
Undoubtedly, when we mature we become aware of the contents of this extraordinary message of the event in Bethlehem, of the revealed truth about the great love God has for each of us and of his appeal to respond to this gift in a worthy way.
Sometimes we experience Christmas in special circumstances. We can testify about these experiences by taking part in the contest of ‘Niedziela.’ We are waiting for your works (you can choose the literary form; it can be a story, poetry, prayer). We do not want essays on Christmas customs. We want your stories including your personal experiences and reflections related to Christmas.

Your works cannot exceed 15, 000 characters (with spaces), i.e., not more than five pages.

Details about the contest can be found at

"Niedziela" 52/2010

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