What is Czestochowa famous for

Fr Ireneusz Skubis

We are waiting for the great feast of our city – the Feast of Our Lady of Czestochowa. Jasna Gora, with its Miraculous Picture of Our Lady, is our real diamond, which has made us famous in the world for ages. We have no treasure that is more precious. At one time the Steelworks named after Boleslaw Bierut (the name survived until 1989 and today it is the Czestochowa Steelworks) was to be our treasure as a counterweight for Jasna Gora. However, it was not foreseen that those were not proportional values.
Are we all aware of the treasure that we can grasp? I know some people who moved to Czestochowa because of Our Lady of Jasna Gora. I do not mean nuns who dream of being sent to Czestochowa which Mary chose to have as her headquarters. We can witness people asking for healings, help in difficult situations. We can see them coming to have their hearts cleansed and their sins forgiven. They carry to Jasna Gora their world that touches man in all his depth. Perhaps not all of us are always aware of the great influence of religious life on every man…That’s why we experience the nameday of our Mother and Queen so much. The day before the feast a Marian procession from the Archcathedral to Jasna Gora always takes place. Numerous citizens of Czestochowa and pilgrims participate in the procession. Before 26 August representatives of the parishes in Czestochowa come to a special service and Mass with a special homily preached on this occasion. John Paul II also stressed the importance of Czestochowa. He noticed that Czestochowa was a good city. But certainly its importance originates from Jasna Gora and the miraculous presence of the Mother of God. Thanks to her Czestochowa has its identity. It is said and done so much to make others notice the sacral character of our city. All activities of the former President of Czestochowa Tadeusz Wrona, who wanted to take advantage of these sacral features of the city, were fiercely branded. But is it wrong that the Avenue, which has become a beloved place for walks these days, was changed into a beautiful street? What about the parks, 7 Kamienic Street… These are our flagships and testimony of our good management. But some may want to deny the reality and create a counterbalance… Let us not share the views of those thoughtless people who need our votes to build their orders, which are most frequently submitted to their own interests. The Church does not do any harm to our society. On the contrary, it supports the state offices. How many children and young people have had wonderful vacations thanks to the involvement of priests? How many people have been given food in the kitchens for the homeless? How many people in need have gathered at the doors of religious convents knowing that they will receive food? Why does nobody want to see it? Therefore, let us not ruin the significant and beautiful words of John Paul II about us. Let us show that Czestochowa is a good city. And let us pray to the One that is so close, asking her for light and wisdom so that we will not lose sight of the fundamental things.

"Niedziela" 34/2010

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